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Low-Carb Vegan Protein Powders

These Are the 4 Low-Carb Protein Powders I Love — They Have 3 Grams or Fewer!

Low-Carb Vegan Protein Powders

As a plant-based eater, the high-protein foods I eat, including beans, lentils, whole grains, and tempeh, also tend to be pretty high in carbs. And since the rest of my diet is also high in carbs since it's filled with veggies and fruit, I like to find other quick protein sources that are low in carbs, like these protein powders.

I add them to smoothies, baked goods like banana bread and whole-wheat pancakes, two-minute baked oatmeal, no-bake bars, and protein balls. The protein powder has to taste good, though, and these are a few of my faves. The best part? All of them have three grams of carbs or fewer. Check them out ahead.

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