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Social Anxiety During a Stressful Holiday Dinner

How to Cope With Your Social Anxiety During a Stressful Holiday Family Dinner

High angle view of unrecognizable people passing side dishes during Thanksgiving dinner at dining table.

Social anxiety affects everyone differently, but many can attest that it can make attending big family gatherings or holiday events quite difficult.

According to Dr. Jabari Jones, MD, psychiatrist at Family Health Centers at NYU Langone, any situation where one fears that they can be evaluated negatively by others or embarrassed in some way can be a potential trigger for social anxiety. These notions can cause an array of side effects from muscle tension, fatigue, and nausea to chest pains and sweating — just to name a few.

While we urge everyone to seek medical guidance when looking for support, we've also reached out to Dr. Claire Brandon, MD, and CEO of Whole Body Mental Health, who has helpfully offered up some tactics for getting through any stressful hangout. Keeping Dr. Brandon's precautionary tips in your back pocket for the social gathering this holiday season may help reduce any pre-event anticipation, too.

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