Unwind and Feel Grounded With This Summer Salutation Flow From Yoga Instructor Koya Webb

Could you use more balance in your life? Yoga instructor Koya Webb shared this summer salutation yoga flow so you have something quick and easy to do, and said it will help get your energy up while also relaxing you and calming you down.

Whether you need more work-life balance or more time for self-care, yoga is one way to feel more emotionally grounded. Webb said that before beginning your yoga practice, you should "Set the intention to create more balance in your life, and while you're at it, pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this feel-good flow I created for you!"

This flow includes poses like Child's Pose and Pigeon to stretch your hips and lower back, as well as Reverse Table to open the heart and increase flexibility in the spine. It ends with a seated meditation to help connect to the breath and to notice the sensations happening in your mind and in your body. Check out the full video above, and get ready to relax.