Snuggle Up and Improve Your Sleep With Under Armour's Athlete Recovery Sheets

Under Armour
Under Armour
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We're all for training hard, but we can't stress enough how important it is to recover after your workouts and take rest days. If you never press the pause button and allow your body to recover from workouts, you may experience overtraining syndrome. You'll fatigue quicker than normal, your performance will decline, you can lose muscle mass, and you may even experience a depressed mood.

Inspired by Tom Brady's workout routine, Under Armour created the Athlete Recovery Sheet Set, which the company's website describes as "an advanced sleep system that helps your body recover while you rest." So what differentiates these sheets from the sheets you're currently sleeping on?

According to Under Armour, "The key is the soft bioceramic print on the fabric. It harnesses the power of Far Infrared — a type of energy that has several benefits for the human body." Under Armour states that the print absorbs the body's natural heat, then reflects that energy back into the skin, helping the body recover faster and promoting better sleep. The fabric of the sheets is also breathable, micromesh, and infused with soft modal for "superior comfort."

While we don't advise throwing out your foam rollers or skipping warmups and cooldowns, we do think that these sheets are a complement to your current recovery routine. Continue reading to see the Athlete Recovery Sheets.