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40 Minute Treadmill and Lower Body Workout

Get It Up, Your Heart Rate, That Is: Treadmill Hills and Legs

If the Summer heat is forcing you to work out indoors, here is a treadmill workout that will certainly bust through your cardio-machine boredom.

Next time you're at the gym, try this hill climbing treadmill workout combined with a bit of strength training that will blast away calories and really work the muscles in your lower body. This workout will certainly help get your backside ready for the beach.

Check out the workout.

Time Speed Incline Leg work — off the treadmill
0:00-5:00 3.0 1.0 (this is your warmup)
5:00-10:00 4.0 6.0
10:00-11:00 Alternating front lunges
11:00-16:00 3.5 8.0
16:00-17:00 Squats
17:00-22:00 3. 10.0
22:00-23:00 Alternating reverse lunges
23:00-28:00 2.5 12.0
28:00-29:00 Plié squats
29:00-34:00 2. 12.0
34:00-40:00 2.0 1.0 (this is your cooldown)

Be careful getting on and off the treadmill, as it will still be moving. Also, this workout is not one that would work well in a crowded gym, especially if there are people waiting to use the machines. If this is too hard or too easy, adjust the incline and/or speed to fit your level.

Don't forget to print the workout so you can take it to the gym. Here is the printable version to tape to your iPod for your convenience.

Photo by mahidoodi

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