The Most Anticipated Albums of 2023

This year has turned out to be an impressive one in the music industry as artists from all genres continue to come out with new albums. Miley Cyrus's "Endless Summer Vacation," Chlöe's "In Pieces," Sam Smith's "Gloria," and Ice Spice's debut album, "Like . . ?" are just a few of the releases we've been playing on repeat since they dropped earlier this year. Well into the second half of the year now, several additional artists — including Olivia Rodrigo and Doja Cat — have teased new albums set to drop in the remaining months.

So far, artists like Kesha, Bebe Rexha, the Jonas Brothers, and Keke Palmer have all come through with enough new music to keep our AirPods buzzing for months. Between tracking release dates, collaborations, track lists, and tour dates, keeping up with all the new albums of 2023 is basically a full-time job. With more album releases still to come, though, we're willing to put in the work, i.e., refresh our favorite artists' social media pages for any and all clues about new albums.

In February, we saw the return of Paramore with their sixth studio album, "This Is Why," and celebrated the release of Lana Del Rey's "Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd." From Anitta's upbeat "Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story" to Karol G's hopeful "Mañana Será Bonito," the Spanish music charts have also been heating up with hit after hit, which has us itching to get in the virtual queue for concert tickets.

With so many new albums to listen to, it's hard to believe there's still so much new music to come. (Yes, Taylor Swift's "1989 (Taylor's Version)" is on its way!) Ahead, see the biggest new album releases on the horizon for 2023, including original music from Selena Gomez, Tems, The Weeknd, Normani, and more.

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Cardi B — New Album Release: 2023

It's been five years since Cardi B released her debut album, "Invasion of Privacy," but new music is definitely in the works. The rapper has dropped several hints, including a tour of her at-home recording studio. Late last year, she again sparked suspicion among fans when she started following a since-deleted Instagram account called @albumcb2.

Though some fans have become skeptical that a new album is still on the way, Cardi gave fans a glimmer of hope in May. "This album is coming," she assured viewers during an Instagram livestream. A few months later, Cardi also appeared on her husband Offset's track "Jealousy," one of many collaborations she's done this year. Additional collaborations include "Put It on da Floor Again" with Latto and "Point Me 2" with FendiDa Rappa.

Speaking with Vogue México y Latinoamérica for the publication's September 2023 cover story, Cardi gave fans the most promising update yet. "I'm not going to release any more collaborations," she said. "I'm going to put out my next solo single. Right now, I'm working on the cover art and ideas for the next record because it's definitely coming up. Everyone always tells me I should put the record out now. They did when I released 'WAP' [with Megan Thee Stallion] and when I released 'Up,' but I always let them know I'm not going to wait long after all these singles. So stay tuned because it's coming out very soon."

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Selena Gomez — New Album Release: 2023

Following the release of her introspective Apple TV+ documentary, "My Mind and Me," Selena Gomez is preparing to release her fourth studio album.

"I just finished season four of my cooking show, and I am in LA working on my album now," she said in a May 2022 interview on the "Crew Call" podcast. News of Gomez's upcoming album comes just one year after the singer hinted at "retiring" from music. "I think there are a lot of people who enjoy my music, and for that I'm so thankful, for that I keep going, but I think the next time I do an album it'll be different," Gomez said in her Vogue 2021 cover story. "I want to give it one last try before I maybe retire music."

Gomez's new album will be her first solo release since her 2021 Spanish EP, "Revelación." In August 2020, she also released her collab, "Ice Cream," with K-pop giant Blackpink. She also released "999," a 2021 collab with Camilo; "Let Somebody Go," a 2022 collab with Coldplay; and, more recently, a "Calm Down" remix with Rema.

While Gomez hasn't announced an official album title or release date, she has hinted at a possible tour to accompany her new album. "I am open to a tour, a thousand percent, but I obviously have obligations and things I wanna do, so when the time's right," she added. "It's not the top of my priority list."

In June, Gomez posted photos of herself in the recording studio on Instagram. "don't worry guys, it's coming. Even from Paris," she captioned the photos. In the comments section, even celebrity friends were curious to know more. "TELL US MORE!!!!!!!!!" Serena Williams wrote, echoing the thoughts of fans worldwide.

The most recent album tease came in August when she released her uplifting breakup anthem, "Single Soon," hinting that more music will follow soon.

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Normani — New Album Release: 2023

Normani fans are eagerly awaiting her debut album as a solo artist. Since her Fifth Harmony Days, Normani has released songs "Love Lies" with Khalid, "Dancing With a Stranger" with Sam Smith, "Diamonds" with Megan Thee Stallion, "Wild Side" feat. Cardi B, and her 2019 hit "Motivation." Then, last year, she premiered her heartbreak song "Fair," the lead single off her upcoming album.

"When you go through heartbreak and adversity that often creates the best record," she previously told "Today." "And for me, this was really just an opportunity to showcase my vulnerability. I think that I've never really been comfortable with being vulnerable in front of people. So for me, this was really a breakthrough and really just shattering the idea of perfection."

"As a songwriter, I've grown tremendously. With me trusting myself, you'll hear that confidence for sure."

Normani said her album will be a blend of genres. "I think that's one thing that in the beginning of the process was limiting to me creatively because I'm like, 'OK, is this pop enough? Is this urban enough?'" she continued in the Today interview. "Like, I was really, really putting myself through it and not enjoying just making good ass music, which for me is the most important." She added that she was inspired by some of her favorite '90s musicians, such as Brandy, Monica, Toni Braxton, and Destiny's Child.

In an April 2022 interview with BET, the singer said the album is a representation of her growth as an artist. "There's a range from what you can hear from the records I've already put out along with the next record I'll be putting out — there's so much dimension to me as a person so I really wanted my artistry to reflect that," she said. "As a songwriter, I've grown tremendously. With me trusting myself, you'll hear that confidence for sure."

While the album was expected to drop in 2022, the new projected release date is sometime in 2023. Five years on from the initial album announcement, fans are hanging in there, but she did give a taste of what's to come in a Bose ad released in June. "In terms of my career and my music, I know the wait has been extensive but it's definitely going to be worth it, and I just feel like the partnership couldn't have come at a better time," she told Billboard after previewing her single, "Candy Paint."

Normani added that the new album will evoke her sillier side and all her "personality to shine." "It's a performance record first, which I know my fans have been waiting for, for a very long time," she said. "It's fun, energetic, bossy. It's bold. It's sassy but assertive, and yeah, I'm really excited to shoot the ['Candy Paint'] music video."

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Tems — New Album Release: 2023

Tems's debut studio album is on its way. The Grammy-nominated singer, whose cover of Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry" was featured on the "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" soundtrack, promised new music after a fan called her out on Twitter for pushing back the album release date.

In 2021, the "Free Mind" singer was featured on "Fountain" from Drake's album "Certified Lover Boy." She later rejoined Drake for a feature on Future's "Wait For You," which earned her an American Music Award for favorite hip-hop song. The song also earned Tems Grammy nominations for best rap song. Additionally, she received a nomination for album of the year for her feature alongside Grace Jones on Beyoncé's "Move" from "Renaissance." Her "Wait For You" performance also earned her a Grammy for best melodic rap performance alongside Future and Drake.

In an August interview with Interview Magazine, Tems shed some light on her creative process and the work she's been doing in the recording studio. "I'm the kind of person that if you leave me in the studio by myself for like two days, I turn into one of those mad scientists in a cartoon," she said. For Tems, her creative process is primarily a solitary one. Though, she admits she does, occasionally, appreciate input along the way: "I record myself mostly, but sometimes after doing, like, 800 takes, I call and I'm like, 'Yo, I'm going crazy. I need help.'"

Though being in the studio for long hours can be exhausting, Tems added there are times when she gets so into the zone she can't stop. "Sometimes I freestyle to a point where I can't feel my feet," she continued. "I've entered somewhere and I don't even know where I am anymore. I'm just pouring out my gut and then when I'm done, I don't remember what I just did. If you didn't record it, it's almost as if I blacked out."

As the end of the year approaches, we hope to hear the product of Tems's transcendent recording sessions sooner than later.

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The Weeknd — New Album Release: 2023

After ditching his stage name in favor of his birth name, Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd, has sparked rumors that new music is on the horizon.

Following "Dawn FM" in 2022 and his dramatic HBO series, "The Idol," fans speculate that The Weeknd's upcoming album may be his last — at least, under his stage name. The new album is also expected to be the final piece in his album trilogy, which currently consists of "After Hours" and "Dawn FM." He told Variety, "The name of it will come out soon, but it's not called what some fans think it's called . . . what they think it's called is actually a song on the album, but that's not what the actual album is called [some fans speculated that it would be titled 'After Life']. So I'm just gonna say that."

Though the singer hasn't shared specific details about an album title or release date, fans are keeping a close eye on his social media accounts for any hints about the upcoming project. In the meantime, The Weeknd is set to make his feature-film debut alongside Jenna Ortega as a lead actor, producer, writer, and director in an upcoming film.

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The Kid Laroi — "The First Time" Album Release: 2023

The Kid Laroi's debut album, "The First Time," has been in the works for months, and fans are eager to get their hands on the full track list. So far, the artist has confirmed two singles from the album, including "I Can't Go Back to the Way It Was (Intro)" and "Love Again."

Details about his freshman album are sparse, but fans are hopeful that Laroi's new project will feature some fun collaborations — he has worked with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber in the past, after all. Laroi's most recent releases include collaborations with Post Malone on "Wasting Angels" and a collaboration with Nardo Wick on his song, "Burning Up," in 2022. He also made an appearance on YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Post Malone's "What You Say."

Laroi updated fans on his progress with the album in August, explaining that he's been busy shooting music videos. "I'm sorry I've been a bit silent," he wrote. "Been going through a lot recently. I'm good but I've just needed space to focus on processing my feelings & work. Here to let you know that a lot of videos have been shot these past couple weeks, I shot the album cover & I'm working with the label to get you a date. I also added more songs to the record. It's done though. I love you. Thanks for staying with me."

With multiple singles and a growing fanbase, Laroi has all the ingredients to make for a standout debut album. Now, we just need a release date.

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Olivia Rodrigo — "Guts" Album Release: Sept. 8

Olivia Rodrigo became the voice of a generation when she released her debut album, "Sour." From her first track "Drivers License" to singles like "Brutal" and "Deja Vu," Rodrigo's freshman album is a passionate catalogue of teenage angst and heartbreak. Since dropping the album in 2021, fans have been championing a follow-up, even offering up the name "Sweet" to complement her initial release. Rodrigo then confirmed that new music is on the way in the form of her second studio album, "Guts."

Rodrigo revealed that her second album is officially in the works in an interview with Billboard late last year. Then, in January, Rodrigo posted a video of herself and Dan Nigro, the producer behind "Sour," playing piano together. "Working on so many new songs I'm excited to show u! thank u for everything," she captioned the clip.

Since then, the singer released two singles, "Vampire" and "Bad Idea Right?" She also shared the complete track list. Many additional details about the album are still up in the air, but it sounds like fans will be hearing more from Rodrigo's music catalog soon when "Guts" drops on Sept. 8.

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Demi Lovato — "Revamped" Album Release: Sept. 15

After entering their punk-rock era with "Holy Fvck" in 2022, Demi Lovato is coming back with a refreshed version of their biggest pop hits. "Revamped," set to drop on Sept. 15, will be Lovato's first remix album and will feature major hits including "Heart Attack," "Cool For the Summer," "Confident," and "La La Land."

On tour, Lovato and their band created new arrangements for the pop songs to better fit their punk vibe. After an overwhelmingly positive fan response, Lovato decided to officially rerecord her chart-topping hits with a heavy metal twist. "I love revisiting these past moments in my career," they told Rolling Stone. "We've done a great job of reenvisioning the songs, and I'm really happy with them."

Though the album will remix some of their most famous songs, Lovato said they were careful not to strip the tracks of their sense of "familiarity." "I changed the melody a little bit in certain spots and then try to hit higher notes than the originals," Lovato said. The only notable lyrical change on the upcoming album occurs in "Tell Me You Love Me." Before the lyric, "No, you ain't nobody 'till you got somebody," in the chorus, Lovato sings, "They say." "I interject a little because I don't want that negative connotation of 'You're only somebody if you're with somebody' and that's something that's always bugged me about the song as I've performed it on the road," Lovato said of the change.

For those who have been fans of Lovato since the start of their career, the new album will be a fresh take on some of their favorite songs. Lovato encourages fans, though, to approach the album release with an open mind. "I think what's important is that you just listen to it with an open mind and be receptive to the new genre of music that it's in," Lovato said. "I think my fans will know and love these songs still."

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Doja Cat — "Scarlet" Album Release: Sept. 22

Following the release of "Planet Her" in 2021, Doja Cat has been teasing a new album in the works: "Scarlet," which will be her most personal album to date, set to drop on Sept. 22. The new album will also feature the tracks "Attention," "Paint the Town Red," and "Demons."

Shortly after the album drops, Doja Cat's The "Scarlet" Tour is set to kick off on Halloween, Oct. 31, in San Francisco and will run through Dec. 13 in Chicago.

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Jennifer Lopez — "This Is Me . . . Now" Album Release: Summer 2023

For the first time in nearly a decade, J Lo is releasing new music. In November 2022, the "Marry Me" singer announced the title of her ninth studio album: "This Is Me . . . Now." The album is a sequel to her 2002 release, "This Is me . . . Then," which featured hits like "Jenny From the Block" feat. Styles P and Jadakiss and "All I Have" feat. LL Cool J.

"This Is Me . . . Now" is a celebration of love and will touch on Lopez's rekindled relationship with Ben Affleck in the form of "confessional songs, reflections on the trials of her past, and upbeat celebrations of love," according to a press release. "People think they know things about what happened to me along the way, the men I was with —— but they really have no idea, and a lot of times they get it so wrong," Lopez said of the upcoming release in an interview with Vogue. "There's a part of me that was hiding a side of myself from everyone. And I feel like I'm at a place in my life, finally, where I have something to say about it."

"True love does exist and some things do last forever and that's real."

Lopez added that the album is "emotionally raw" and "the most honest work she has ever done." "We captured me at this moment in time when I was reunited with the love of my life and we decided we were going to be together forever," she said in an Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe. "I think what the message of the album is very much if you were wondering if you have, like me at times, lost hope, almost given up, don't. Because true love does exist and some things do last forever and that's real. I want to put that message out into the world and that does take a lot of vulnerability."

The song "Midnight Trip to Vegas," specifically, was inspired by her spur-of-the-moment decision to tie the knot with Ben Affleck at the famous Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, she revealed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in January. She later teased the song's romantic lyrics in her "On the JLo" newsletter. In addition to her romantic relationships, the album will explore her "tough childhood, unsuccessful relationships and the incredible emotional journey" she's endured. The autobiographical stories included in Lopez's upcoming album will also be reflected in other "personal projects" the singer has in the works.

"This Is Me . . . Now" is expected to drop sometime in the summer of 2023 and will feature tracks like "To Be Yours," "Can't Get Enough," "Rebound," "Greatest Love Story Never Told," and "Dear Ben Pt. II."

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Troye Sivan — "Something to Give Each Other" Album Release: Oct. 13

Troye Sivan is preparing to release his latest album, "Something to Give Each Other." In an Instagram post, he shared a video compilation dating back to his early YouTube days, and wrote, "It's not lost on me that some of you guys have been following along since i was the kid w the stye in my eye in that first video,"

Sivan continued, "10 years since i signed my record deal, 5 years since bloom. Enough excuses now. Enough saying 'soon' this is for YOU and it starts NOWWWW. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. LFG."

Led by Sivan's upbeat dance single "Rush," the upcoming album is described as a "celebration of sex, dance, sweat, community, queerness, love and friendship." Sivan said in a statement shared with Pitchfork, "'Rush' is the feeling of kissing a sweaty stranger on a dancefloor, a two-hour date that turned into a weekend, a crush, a winter, a summer." He added, "Party after party, after party after after party. All of my experiences from a chapter where I feel confident, free and liberated. Independent, yet somehow the most connected to the music and community around me."

"Something to Give Each Other" will make its debut on Oct. 13.

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Taylor Swift — "1989 (Taylor's Version)" Album Release Date: Oct. 27

Taylor Swift is hard at work again on her fourth rerecorded album: "1989 (Taylor's Version)." During the last stop of the first leg of the Eras Tour on Aug. 9, Swift confirmed fan suspicions that the album, originally released in 2014, was next on her roster. "1989 (Taylor's Version)" is scheduled to drop on Oct. 27, the ninth anniversary of the album's original release.

"Surprise!! 1989 (Taylor's Version) is on its way to you [soon]!" Swift captioned her album announcement on Instagram. "The 1989 album changed my life in countless ways, and it fills me with such excitement to announce that my version of it will be out October 27th. To be perfectly honest, this is my most FAVORITE re-record I've ever done because the 5 From The Vault tracks are so insane. I can't believe they were ever left behind. But not for long! Pre order 1989 (Taylor's Version) on my site."

The original "1989" album is viewed by many fans as Swift's official transition from country star to pop star, making it a highly-anticipated album among Swifties. So far, Swift has released "Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version)" and "This Love (Taylor's Version)." To date, she has also recorded the albums "Fearless (Taylor's Version)," "Red (Taylor's Version)," and "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)."

While "1989 (Taylor's Version)" is still a ways away, we have no doubt the wait will be worth it.

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Dove Cameron — "Celestial Body" Album Release: 2023

Famous for her role in the "Descendants" films on Disney Channel, Dove Cameron has taken her singing career to the next level. Since 2019, she has released almost an entire album's worth of singles, including "Bloodshot," "LazyBaby," and "Boyfriend." Cameron's debut solo album, "Celestial Body," will also feature singles including "Breakfast," "Bad Idea," "Girl Like Me," and "We Go Down Together" feat. Khalid.

Cameron shared footage from the recording studio late last year, adding fuel to the album fire. "i started writing my debut EP this week and i have cried every day . alone and in front of people," she captioned the since-deleted Instagram post. The album is expected to drop sometime in 2023, likely "late fall," Cameron told Paper in February.

In the same interview, Cameron explained that the new album — inspired heavily by French pop and funk — will focus on "my trauma, my mental health, my depression, my anxiety, my eating disorder." She said, "I'm going to be openly speaking about things that in the past I've been afraid to speak about. People think that trauma is something that you talk about in therapy, and then you go to sleep and you maybe have a nightmare, but the rest of it is fairly normal, and that's just not true. Trauma permeates absolutely everything. It's in every small decision. I didn't give myself permission to talk about that because I was like, Who am I to talk about this? I live such an incredible life now and I'm living my dreams. But if I don't talk about it, there's 70 percent of me that people just don't have access to."

Speaking on the "Just For Variety" podcast with Marc Malkin in July, Cameron revealed that she's "inches away" from completing the album. "I have just narrowed it down from about 60 songs that I have written," she said. "m trying to get the number of songs on the album really high, but Columbia is being reasonable. I'm being unreasonable. I've got all my favorites and most of them have been sent to the mixer."

The singer added that the album is "definitely" coming out this year and will feature a collaboration with her dream artist. "I have to get my album out before I can go on my tour so I'm going to warm up and do some shows with them," she said. "I'll probably start my big tour sometime next year, but I'll be doing smaller shows before then."

Cameron hasn't provided any substantial updates on the upcoming EP since.

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Halle Bailey — Debut Album Release: TBA

Halle Bailey is ushering in a new era. In August, she released her debut solo single, "Angel,", marking her first musical release without her sister Chlöe. Bailey accompanied the piano-backed track with an elegant music video that featured the singer against tranquil backdrops.

For the last several years, the sisters have made a name for themselves as musical duo Chloe x Halle. Now, with Chlöe's debut album, "In Pieces," at the top of the charts and Bailey's single following suit, it seems both sisters are exploring their solo careers. In addition to making music, Bailey made her feature film debut as Princess Ariel in the live-action adaptation of "The Little Mermaid." While Bailey has not shared any details about her debut album, "Angel" gives us hope that more music is soon to come.

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Victoria Monét — "Jaguar II" Album Release Aug. 25

With six EPs under her belt, it's hard to believe Victoria Monét released her debut album this year. "Jaguar II" is a follow up to her 2020 EP "Jaguar" and the subsequent holiday album, "A Jaguar Christmas: The Orchestral Arrangements." For Monét, who loves to release her music in series, "Jaguar II" is the culmination of years in the music industry.

While all three "Jaguar" releases were originally meant to be shared as EPs and combined to form her first studio album, "Jaguar II"'s release date was delayed, reducing the EP series to two parts. Monét released the album's first lead single, "Smoke" feat. Lucky Daye, in March. She followed the single with "Party Girls" feat. Buju Banton and "On My Mama."

"I was wanting to establish myself as an artist, and I thought the best way to do that was to create this universe that would be the world of 'Jaguar,' but give it to people in microdoses," she told POPSUGAR of the album, which dropped on Aug. 25. The same day her album arrived, fellow artists came out to celebrate Monét at a party in Los Angeles.

Monét also announced that she will be accompanying her debut album with a tour. According to Monét's Instagram post, The Jaguar Tour will kick off in Detroit on Sept. 6 and conclude in London on Nov. 15.

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Ciara — "CiCi" Album Release: Aug. 18

Over four years since her last studio album, "Beauty Marks," Ciara made a comeback with her seven-track EP, "CiCi," released on Aug. 18. The album's lead single, "How We Roll," is a collaboration with Chris Brown. Other collaborations on Ciara's EP include Big Freedia and Lil Baby. Since "Beauty Marks," Ciara has also released multiple singles, including "Jump" feat. Coast Contra and "Better Thangs" feat. Summer Walker in 2022, as well as her song "Da Girls" in 2023.

In an interview with Rated R&B, Ciara explained that each track off the "CiCi" EP is meant to move the mind and body. "There's always an intentional tone of empowerment in my music," she said. "I always want to uplift my Queens and take them on my journey with me. There's no better platform to be able to accomplish that than through my music."

The album's title is inspired by a nickname given to her by fans early in her career. "When my fans chant, 'Go Ci Ci, go Ci Ci, go,' there is an underlying feeling that Ci Ci is THAT girl who will go get it, no matter what," she said of the empowering nickname.

From odes to enduring love to motivational anthems, "CiCi" encapsulates Ciara's perspective on love, happiness, and moving forward with her career. "I wanted to curate and set the tone of my next music chapter with this EP," she said. "This project is the start of really exciting things to come, but most importantly, I want my fans to know that the Ci Ci they have always loved is in her R&B bag."

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Reneé Rapp — "Snow Angel" Album Release: Aug. 18

After becoming a household name thanks to her breakout role in Mindy Kaling's "The Sex Lives of College Girls," Reneé Rapp proved she's also a talented musician. Rapp first announced her debut album and its lead single "Snow Angel" on June 6. "Walking through my old neighborhood a couple blocks from the mean girls theater and all I ever wanted to do was put out an album I was proud of," Rapp captioned a photo of herself posing next to posters of the album cover on the sidewalk a few days later. "I'm seeing all of your sweet posts and tweets. love you down."

Rapp explained in a previous tweet that the album was influenced by a "traumatic experience" from her past and writing the album took an emotional toll on her. "My album was done. I had all the songs. I even had the lead single picked out, too," she said of the album's pushed-back release date. "I spent 4 months writing nearly every day. I spit out all my concepts, all my ballads, my f*ck you's and my I love you's. We rented out studios in Jersey while I was filming 'Mean Girls' and cried in damn near every studio in the valley. Fast forward May 8th probably 11pm. Alexander and I were supposed to be finishing vocals but we decided to try a hail mary."

"Snow Angel" also features the tracks "Talk Too Much," "Poison Poison," "Pretty Girls" and "23."

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Anitta — "Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story" Album Release: Aug. 17

One year after releasing her fifth studio album, "Versions of Me," Anitta gave fans something to dance to with her new EP, "Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story," released on Aug. 17. The three-song collection, while brief, offers a take on the music Anitta, who is Brazilian, was raised with.

"In this project I dive into carioca funk," she said in a statement shared with Rolling Stone. "The rhythm that raised me and is part of the culture from where I was born."

She accompanied each track — including "Funk Rave," "Casi Casi," and "Used to Be" — with a music video. "In the visuals, there is a lot of what I've experienced in the favelas," she said, referring to the working-class neighborhoods in Brazil, where she was raised. "Apart from international producers, I made a point of bringing Brazilians to this incredible team. Their contribution was essential."

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Rita Ora — "You & I" Album Release: July 14

Rita Ora's new album, "You & I," made its debut on July 14. Five years after the release of her sophomore album, "Phoenix," Ora returned with new music and plenty of videos to match. After releasing her official music video for "Praising You," the album's lead single, Ora followed up with a part-two and a Fatboy Slim remix.

"This album really means a lot to me," she told BMG ahead of the album's release. "It's like my diary of the last few years; it's my sound and it just feels so true to me and who I am today."

For Ora, the album is about celebrating relationships with loved ones. "I think this record means something different for everyone, but from my perspective, it's about praising your loved ones and really celebrating those relationships," she said, adding that she sampled Camille Yarbrough's 1975 song, "Take Yo' Praise," to create "Praising You." "I'm incredibly honoured that we get to breathe new life into the song and re-introduce it to a whole new generation."

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Kelly Clarkson — "Chemistry" Album Release: June 23

Kelly Clarkson released her tenth studio album, "Chemistry," on June 23, and the inspiration behind her newest project was no secret. Clarkson previously told Variety that her new album — her first major studio release in over five years — was officially in the works.

"It's coming out next year. And this is an important album," said Clarkson, who filed for divorce from her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock last year. "I'm working on this in therapy: I have a hard time vocalizing what I'm feeling sometimes, so music is helpful for me. It's just been really healing. I recorded the record quite some time ago."

"I'm through it now, but there is somebody else who is in it, and that's a hard place to be, especially if you feel alone."

At first, Clarkson was unsure if she'd release the album at all, wanting to keep her emotions about the divorce to herself. "You can be very angry in that state of mind," she said. "So some of the songs, they definitely cover the gamut of emotions; there's everything on the album. It's almost like the arc of a relationship, because the beginning is so beautiful and so sweet, and then it evolves. And sometimes it doesn't evolve how you want."

Inspired by her fans, Clarkson decided to take those emotions and share them with the world in the hopes that expressing her true feelings might help someone else do the same. "I'm through it now, but there is somebody else who is in it, and that's a hard place to be, especially if you feel alone," the mother of two said. "It's a hard thing to describe, it's a hard thing to go through publicly, it's hard with kids. This record, I think I wrote this for a reason — not just for me, but maybe someone else can benefit from it."

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Janelle Monáe — "The Age of Pleasure" Album Release: June 9

Janelle Monáe rocked the internet when they previewed their fourth studio album, "The Age of Pleasure," at their Met Gala afterparty in early May. The album, which dropped on June 9, is Monáe's first release in five years, following her 2018 album, "Dirty Computer."

Monáe kicked off the album release with the reggae-inspired single "Lipstick Lover," a celebration of queer love and joy with a retro music video to match. "As we enter into The Age Of Pleasure, 'Lipstick Lover' is our freeassmothaf*cka anthem inspired by f.a.m. for f.a.m," Monáe said in a statement, according to NME. "This is our oasis made with love, rooted in self-acceptance, throbbing in self-discovery, and signed with cherry red kisses from me to you."

Laced with elements of the reggae, Afrobeats, and disco genres, the album is an upbeat anthem of self-love and freedom. Plus, "The Age of Pleasure" features several standout collaborations, including "Ooh La La" feat. Grace Jones, "Phenomenal" feat. Doechii, "The French 75" feat. Sister Nancy, and "The Rush" feat. Amaarae and Nia Long.

In addition to dropping a new album, Monáe kicked off the accompanying tour on Aug. 30 in Seattle, WA. The final tour date will be Inglewood, CA on Oct. 18.

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Lewis Capaldi — "Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent" Album Release: May 19

Three years after the release of his debut album, "Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent," Lewis Capaldi shared what he'd been working on in the interim. After pushing back his tour to focus more on writing a follow-up album, Capaldi wrote a letter to fans on Twitter in March, explaining what to expect from him in 2022.

"I'd be lying if I said I haven't been terrified about making my next album since the moment I finished 'Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent,'" he wrote. "I've been writing loads of tunes I'm really excited about and I can't wait for you to hear them. I really want to make sure whatever I put out next is the absolute best it can be, partly for my own sanity, ['cause] I'm going to have to sing these songs every night for the next few years on tour, but ultimately for all of you who made the first album everything it was."

In February 2022, the singer released his EP "Cry Yourself to Sleep," which featured songs like "Someone You Loved," "Hold Me While You Wait," "Bruises," and "Lost on You." In March, Capaldi also released "How I'm Feeling Now," a Netflix documentary chronicling the singer's journey from ambitious teen to Grammy-nominated pop star.

A few months later in May, he dropped his second studio album, "Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent," featuring tracks like "Forget Me," "Pointless," and "Wish You the Best." "Almost 4 years to the day since my first album came out I'm so happy that 'broken by desire to be heavenly sent' is finally yours!" he captioned clips of the new album on Instagram. "I hope you love it as much as I do."

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Kesha — "Gag Order" Album Release: May 19

"Gag Order," released on May 19, touches on Kesha's personal struggles during her time in the entertainment industry, including the alleged emotional and physical abuse she endured at the hands of her former producer, Dr. Luke. The album is her final release under Dr. Luke's label, Kemosabe Records, per a contract she signed when she was 18. The cover art features the singer with a plastic bag over her head, and the album's title is meant to reference her inability to speak or comment on the longtime legal battle she faced with Dr. Luke.

In June, Dr. Luke settled his defamation suit with Kesha. "Only God knows what happened that night," Kesha said in a statement, according to Vulture. "As I always said, I cannot recount everything that happened. I am looking forward to closing the door on this chapter of my life and beginning a new one. I wish nothing but peace to all parties involved."

Dr. Luke added, "While I appreciate Kesha again acknowledging that she cannot recount what happened that night in 2005. I am absolutely certain that nothing happened. I never drugged or assaulted her and would never do that to anyone. For the sake of my family, I have vigorously fought to clear my name for nearly 10 years. It is time for me to put this difficult matter behind me and move on with my life. I wish Kesha well."

Kesha announced the album, entirely produced by Rick Rubin, on April 25, and cited her spiritual experiences, anxiety, and the COVID-19 pandemic as her primary influences. "I feel like I'm giving birth to the most intimate thing I've ever created," she told Rolling Stone in April.

"Gag Order" features tracks like "Eat the Acid," "Fine Line," and "Only Love Can Save Us Now."

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Jonas Brothers — "The Album" Album Release: May 12

Four years after their "Happiness Begins" era in 2019, the Jonas Brothers dropped their sixth studio album — simply called "The Album" — on May 12. The funk-themed pop album — inspired by bands like the Bee Gees and the Doobie Brothers — is a musical shift for the band, supported by songs like "Wings," "Waffle House," and "Summer Baby."

Nick Jonas first teased the album during an interview on "The Today Show" back in 2020, during which he hinted at their single, "What a Man Gotta Do." In January, Nick appeared on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," where he revealed that the album was complete.

"The Album" is the band's first release since all three members became fathers. "I think this one does a good job of embodying kind of where we are as fathers, where we are as husbands and just brothers," Nick said in an interview with Today. "We set out to just say, if you're gonna listen to any one of our albums we think this is the album you should listen to," he added. "This is the one that is the most quintessential Jonas Brothers."

Kevin Jonas added that the album is a celebration of their ability to find the balance between having fun and harmonizing as a band. "I do think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we were younger to get it all right," he said. "I think now we just kind of do what we need to do to have fun and continue making music that we love, and I think that's why it's working."

"The Album" tour kicked off in Bronx, NY on Aug. 12 and will conclude in Orlando, FL on Oct. 16.

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Keke Palmer — "Big Boss" Album Release: May 12

Keke Palmer reaffirmed her status as a multi-hyphenate on May 12 when she released her second studio album, "Big Boss," and an accompanying documentary. In addition to being an actor, TV personality, and network founder, Palmer reminded us that she is also a talented singer with tracks like "Right Now," "Love Language," "Standards," and "Love Like This."

The album chronicles difficult challenges Palmer faced in her late teens and early twenties. "I think a lot of it was like forgiving self [sic]. It's not like I did something for me to be ashamed of, but it's like self-betrayal. You don't realize how it affects you until after the fact," she told HuffPost. "I think I had a lot of moments where I betrayed myself unknowingly, and the effects of this stuck with me. Coming to terms with a lot of that and being able to have compassion for myself is also what helped me to grow and move on."

The accompanying visuals feature clips from Palmer's childhood, as well as her career in the entertainment industry. "I grew up in a very spiritual home, went to church every Sunday. I was always in practice as a child, yet still curious of what the word actually meant. They always said the word is meant to be lived. I never knew why until I started living," Palmer says in the film's voice-over. "Overcoming this inner narrative that tells me no matter how far I come, I'm still not good enough. Being different is one thing, feeling lonely is another. We all have our hurdles, but this one, I'm done with. I don't need to be accepted by the cool kids or the elite. I just need to be accepted by me."

Palmer announced the album just weeks after giving birth to her first child, a baby boy named Leodis Andrellton Jackson.

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Bebe Rexha — "Bebe" Album Release: April 28

Bebe Rexha sparked rumors of a third studio album back in 2022 when she tweeted, "Should I release an ep or an lp?" At the 2022 Live in the Vineyard festival, she debuted three new songs, including "Heart Wants What It Wants, "I Am," and "Born Again."

As promised, Rexha followed through and released "Bebe" on April 28. The album features multiple collaborations, including "Satellite" with Snoop Dogg, "I'm Good (Blue)" with David Guetta, and "Seasons" with Dolly Parton. "My grandmother used to play Dolly all the time," she told Rolling Stone. "Nothing really excites my grandmother to be honest, and when I told her about Dolly, she was like 'Oh, my gosh.'"

Rexha added that she was nervous while they were filming the accompanying music video but Parton comforted her. "I was shaking, but she made me feel so comfortable and said that she was going to adopt me," Rexha recalled. "I'm waiting for those papers!" During the interview, Rexha also teased that she's been testing out some EDM tracks for a fourth album.

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Chlöe — "In Pieces" Debut Album Release: March 31

Chlöe teased her debut solo project for years, but our patience paid off in a major way. After successful years singing as half of the duo Chloe x Halle, Chlöe showcased her individuality with the release of "In Pieces," on March 31.

"It's definitely Make 'Em Sweat-level spicy!" she told POPSUGAR of "In Pieces" in June 2022, referencing a hot sauce she released with DoorDash. She added the album is "wayyy too hot to handle."

Since the start of her solo music career, Chlöe has released a series of singles that have left us wanting more, including "Treat Me," "Surprise," and "For the Night," which features Latto.

In an interview with Complex, Chlöe teased that her debut solo release would feature several exciting collaborations. "Every single song on that project stems from my own experiences," she said. "'Have Mercy' stemmed from my being sad. I was responding to haters. That is where that song came from. The single 'Treat Me' came from reminding myself that if there is something I want out of a man, I have to give it to myself first."

Chlöe announced the "In Pieces" release date with a social media post featuring footage of herself in a red latex dress and red braids. She holds a metal heart in one hand while balancing a metal sphere in the other, a possible nod to the image of Lady Justice. The full album includes songs "Told Ya" feat. Missy Elliott, "Cheatback" feat. Future, and "Someone's Calling (Chlöe)."

Chlöe was also the guest of honor at POPSUGAR Play/Ground in June, where she performed two songs and answered a series of insightful questions.

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Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro — "RR" Album Release: March 24

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro kicked off their joint album, "RR," with the song "Beso," on March 23. In addition to releasing a three-track EP, the couple revealed that they were engaged when Rosalía showed off her engagement ring at the end of the music video. The EP, released on March 24, also featured the tracks "Vampiros" and "Promesa."

"For us it's always love first and everything else later, but we skipped that this time so we could finish RR and share it with the world," Rosalía said in a press release, according to Pitchfork. "After more than three years these three songs are here and each one of them belongs to a different stage of love."

In the same press release, Alejandro added that each song is a celebration of their love and the journey they've been through together. "We always knew we wanted to do music together," he said. "However, with our relationship being the focus, we had to find the right time. A long time has passed by now and finding a way to fit all my feelings for her in three songs has been nearly impossible. This means I will be spending my days writing and writing many more songs about and with her."

Shortly after the album's release, however, the couple reportedly ended their engagement. While neither star has publicly addressed the breakup, sources say the split was amicable and Rosalía and Alejandro remain on good terms, according to People.

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Aly & AJ — "With Love From" Album Release: March 15

Since rocking our worlds with hits like "Potential Breakup Song" in 2007 (and again in 2020), pop-rock duo Aly & AJ have also released a fifth studio album. In May 2021, the Michalka sisters dropped "A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun," their first studio release since "Insomniatic" in 2007. On March 15, the duo released their second album in the last decade: "With Love From."

The project features 11 songs, including the title track, "With Love From," as well as "After Hours," "Blue Dress," and "Tear the Night Up." Ahead of the album release, the Michalka sisters also released rerecorded versions of their Disney hits "Like Whoa" and "Chemicals React."

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the sisters explained that the album is a love letter to their own personal brand of pop. "We wanted to make a record that kind of dug deeper into Americana folk music, and we're not claiming that this record is among the American greats, but we did our best in telling our story and staying true to who we are as songwriters and musicians," Aly said.

AJ added, "Pop is still in our DNA — that's songwriting at its essential core. Every song, in a way, is pop. With a lot of ways songs are formatted, they're usually in a pop format. . . . But I think for Aly and I, [it's about] bringing in a little more of a rock edge, a little more guitar, a little more analog-leaning production as opposed to electronic-leaning synths."

The "With Love From" tour kicked off at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA, in the spring and will conclude at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on Sept. 8, 2023.

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Miley Cyrus — "Endless Summer Vacation" Album Release: March 10

Cyrus delighted fans when she announced her eighth studio album, "Endless Summer Vacation," at the start of the year. She first teased the album, which dropped on March 10, in a trailer that featured the singer lounging poolside under palm trees.

"We met each other on the neon dingy, past the manta rays and palm trees," she said in the voiceover. "Glowing creatures beamed down from great heights, electric eels and red venom. In the sky, we could see the riders on horseback, on comets coming toward us, kicking up with laughter. My friend Big Twitchie rode the boat into the light, surfed the north break. We danced until there was nothing left — just me and Twitchie, 'cause that's all we knew."

On the same day, Cyrus shared the cover art for the album, which featured her dangling from a beam in a cutout black swimsuit and stilettos against a sky-blue backdrop. She began the album rollout with the release of the first single, "Flowers."

The full album also features hits like "Rose Colored Lenses," "Jaded," "Muddy Feet" feat. Sia, and "Thousand Miles" feat. Brandi Carlisle. Following the album's release, fans pleaded for Cyrus to share accompanying tour dates. In response, the singer revealed that she has no desire to go on tour again. "There's no connection. There's no safety," she said. "It's so isolating because if you're in front of 100,000 people then you are alone."

Since releasing "Endless Summer Vacation," Cyrus also surprised fans with a new single inspired by her Disney Channel days: "Used to Be Young." The emotional track reflects on Cyrus's time as a child star and her subsequent rise to fame.

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Lana Del Rey — "Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd" Album Release: March 10

Lana Del Rey rang in 2023 with the release of her ninth studio album. Late last year, the singer announced that she would follow her 2021 release, "Blue Banisters," with "Did You Know That There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd." As promised, the new album dropped on March 10.

Del Rey's new album features contributions from Bleachers singer Jack Antonoff, Drew Erickson, and Mini Mansions's Zach Dawes. The project also includes collaborations with Jon Batiste, Father John Misty, and Canadian rapper Tommy Genesis.

On Dec. 7, 2022, Del Rey released the audio for the album's title track. "When's it gonna be my turn?" she sings in the song. "Open me up, tell me you like it / F*ck me to death, love me until I love myself / There's a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard." Ahead of the album release, Del Rey also dropped her song "Watercolor Eyes," written exclusively for the "Euphoria" soundtrack, and covered Father John Misty's "Buddy's Rendezvous."

The album also features songs "The Grants," "A&W," "Margaret" feat. Bleachers, and "Let the Light In" feat. Father John Misty.

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Karol G — "Mañana Será Bonito" Album Release: Feb. 24

"Mañana Será Bonito" is Karol G's fourth studio album and a follow-up to her 2021 album, "KG0516." The reggaeton album, released on Feb. 24, features guest appearances by Romeo Santos, Quevedo, Shakira, Justin Quiles, Sean Paul, and more. Ahead of its release, shKarol Ge promoted the album by performing on "Saturday Night Live."

A day before the album drop, Karol G released the music video for her single, "TQG" ("Te Quedó Grande"), featuring Shakira. Additional singles include "Provenza", "Gatúbela" with Maldy, "Cairo" with Ovy on the drums, and "X Si Volvemos" with Romeo Santos.

Regarding the album's title, which translates to "Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful," Karol G told Rolling Stone that it stemmed from a phrase she kept repeating to herself. "The name of album is a a phrase I kept repeating to myself when nothing felt great," she said. "I mean, I was going through the best moment of my career, but personally I was really disconnected from myself and from my friends. I wasn't unhappy, but I wasn't happy either. So every day I'd say to myself, 'It's OK, mañana será bonito — tomorrow will be beautiful.'"

The "Mañana Será Bonito" Tour kicked off in Las Vegas on Aug. 11 and ends in Boston on Sept. 28.

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Paramore — "This Is Why" Album Release: Feb. 10

Paramore sent waves through the rock and emo communities last year when they released "This Is Why," the lead single from their studio album of the same name. In an interview with Pitchfork, lead singer Hayley Williams said the song "summarizes the plethora of ridiculous emotions, the rollercoaster of being alive in 2022, having survived even just the last three or four years."

The album, released on Feb. 10, is the band's first studio project since "After Laughter" in 2017 and features tracks like "Running Out of Time," "Big Man, Little Dignity," "Liar," and "C'est Comme Ça."

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Raye — "My 21st Century Blues" Debut Album Release: Feb. 3

Rising artist Raye made her freshman debut in 2023. "I cannot actually believe I am writing this. I was 7 years old when I wrote my first song," Raye captioned a photo of her debut album cover on Instagram, which features her standing on a monochrome pile of instruments and tour equipment.

Raye added, "I was 10 years old when I made the commitment that I would be a professional musician. I was 15 years old when I released my first song. I was 17 years old when I signed my record deal. I am about [to] turn 25 years old, and I get to tell you . . . (As an independent artist) My debut album My 21st Century Blues is available for pre-order now."

Raye is supporting the album release with a US and Australia tour, including festivals. "I am thrilled to announce the most special tour of my career so far," she announced on Instagram. She shared that the tour would kick off in London in September and conclude in Bristol, UK in December.

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Sam Smith — "Gloria" Album Release: Jan. 27

"Gloria" is Sam Smith's fourth studio album, preceded by "Love Goes: Live at Abbey Road Studios" in 2021. Smith began the album rollout with their singles "Love Me More" and "Unholy" feat. Petras. Other features on the album include Ed Sheeran, Jessie Reyez, Koffee, and Kim Petras.

"Dearest sailors I am overjoyed to announce that my fourth album is called 'GLORIA,'" Smith wrote on Instagram late last year. "I'm feeling overwhelmed and emotional as I start to let go of Gloria and hand this work over to you. It has been magical in every way to make this piece of music and by giving this record to you I am giving you part of my heart and soul. Gloria got me through some dark times and was a beacon for me in my life. I hope it can be that for you. Thank you for waiting so long. Only a few months now. Sam x."

According to Rolling Stone, Smith recorded the album in Los Angeles, London, and Jamaica. "It feels like emotional, sexual, and spiritual liberation," they said. "It was beautiful, with this album, to sing freely again. Oddly, it feels like my first-ever record. And it feels like a coming of age."

After releasing "Gloria" on Jan. 27, Smith announced a tour taking place throughout the summer. Smith later followed the album with their new song, "Vulgar," a collaboration with Madonna, on June 9.

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Ice Spice — "Like . . ?" Debut Album Release: Jan. 20

On Jan. 20, Ice Space made her album debut with "Like . . ?," a six-track EP defined by experimental beats and clever wordplay. The rapper later released a bonus version of the EP, which included a remix of her song, "Princess Diana," featuring Nicki Minaj. The album comes after Spice released a handful of singles from the last few years, including "Be a Lady," "Bikini Bottom," and Munch (Feelin' U)."

Most recently, Spice released a remix of Taylor Swift's "Karma," which the two artists performed side-by-side on swift's Eras Tour. In June, Spice released "Barbie World," a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Aqua, for Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" movie soundtrack.

In the coming months, Spice will also join Doja Cat on select dates for The "Scarlet" Tour.