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Emily in Paris: What Happened in Season 2?

From Love Squares to a New Savoir, Here's What Happened in "Emily in Paris" Season 2

Emily in Paris: What Happened in Season 2?
Image Source: Netflix

Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) and her iconic camera phone case enjoy tons of whirlwind adventures in "Emily in Paris" season two and have even more planned ahead in season three, which finally hits Netflix on Dec. 21.

Once again, in season two, Emily lives out our Parisian dreams (minus the complicated love triangles — we'll leave that to her and Sylvie) while getting into even more sticky situations. While the concept of season one left many fans with mixed feelings, season two ups the ante with double the fashion, triple the drama and scandal, and quadruple the romance. Seriously, we could barely keep track of all the new love interests introduced. From the Gabriel-Emily-Alfie timeline to a new Savoir on the horizon, there are a lot of bombshells in season two and, here, we've recapped them all.

Catch up on everything that went down in "Emily in Paris" season two ahead, and get ready for more misadventures when season three hits Netflix in December.

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