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21-Day Plan of Inner-Reflection For Your Mental Health

Try This 21-Day Mental Health Plan From Therapists For Mindfulness and Self-Reflection

Day 20: Am I Honoring My Body?
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Sometimes the biggest form of self-care is knowing the right questions to ask yourself. It's a complicated feat — and one you might not want to start on your own — but eight different therapists took the guesswork out for you.

Each day for 21 days, a therapist will pose a question you can contemplate, and you'll also be tasked with an actionable way to answer that question. This practice is supposed to help your mental health and, in doing so, perhaps your physical wellbeing. You'll find a chart of these inquiries below and, ahead, check out a full list of action items for each day of this three-week plan.

Day Question
Day 1 How can I help someone else today?
Day 2 What are 3 things I have to accomplish today?
Day 3 What was a success of my day?
Day 4 What am I grateful for?
Day 5 What are 3 self-affirmations?
Day 6 What are my unmet needs?
Day 7 What sensations am I noticing in my body?
Day 8 What boundaries are most important for me to uphold today?
Day 9 How can I be more open?
Day 10 What is my intention for today?
Day 11 In what ways are my stresses related to discrimination and systemic injustice?
Day 12 What parts of myself have I been neglecting?
Day 13 What self-limiting beliefs are holding me back?
Day 14 How can I invest in a relationship that matters to me today?
Day 15 How do I want to feel at the end of today?
Day 16 What can I let go of?
Day 17 What growth have I experienced?
Day 18 Am I fawning?
Day 19 What's 1 small step that can help me move toward my goal?
Day 20 Am I honoring my body?
Day 21 What's the most beautiful thing I saw today?

Though this is not equivalent to therapy by any means, these therapist-informed inquiries are meant to guide you toward everyday mindfulness. They are important questions that will hopefully promote more self-discovery about your hopes, intentions, and values as well as get you thinking about how you treat your body and mind. Take the challenge to invest in yourself and look within — you may be better for it in the end.

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