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30-Minute Hilly Treadmill Workout

A 30-Minute Treadmill Run to Work the Booty

I like appreciate a treadmill workout that does double duty, like this one that provides a serious cardio session while also toning my backside! By adding the incline to this indoor run, the glutes and hamstrings get worked a little extra. And that's a good thing. Another benefit of working the incline: it makes running on flats feel like a breeze. Check it out, print it, then hit the gym and work it.

30-Minute Incline Treadmill Workout

Time Speed/MPH Incline
0:00-5:00 5.5 1.0
5:00-8:00 5.5 6.0
8:00-9:30 4.5 2.0
9:30-11:30 6.0 6.0
11:30-13:00 4.5 2.0
13:00-14:00 6.5 6.0
14:00-15:30 4.5 2.0
15:30-18:30 5.5 6.0
18:30-20:00 4.5 2.0
20:00-22:00 6.0 6.0
22:00-23:30 4.5 2.0
23:30-24:30 6.5 6.0
24:30-26:00 5.5 2.0
26:00-30:00 4.5 1.0

Take a few minutes to stretch your legs after this treadmill session! Here are easy hamstring stretches, great ways to stretch your quads, and don't forget to stretch your glutes.

Model credit: @greicesanto/

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