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5-Minute Desk Ab Workout Video

I Tried This 5-Minute Desk Ab Workout, and the Chair Twist Was Surprisingly Intense!

You've been working hard at your desk and need a break! Try this mini workout from certified personal trainer and kinesiologist Johanna Sophia known as growwithjo on YouTube. If you spend all day sitting, it can be hard to fit in exercise, so let this video inspire you to include a little movement in your day. I tried this quick workout, and it not only gave my eyes a break from staring at a screen, but it felt great on my muscles, especially my shoulders and back. My favorite part was the deep breaths at the end — it made me feel more refreshed and focused and ready to work. Set an alarm once a day to do this short workout every day — even though it's just a few minutes, it'll make a difference in how you feel.

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