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Butt Workout With Resistance Band

No Squats Required in This 7-Minute Ballet Booty Blast Workout

Butt Workout With Resistance Band
Image Source: ChaiseFitness

Sick of squats? We've got you. Rachel Piskin, cofounder of ChaiseFitness in New York, wants to help you "get a sculpted, lifted, strong booty in seven minutes!" She created this workout just for POPSUGAR, using nothing but a resistance band to create a strong, toned, sculpted, powerful body. "Perform each of these four exercises in a circuit and repeat until you hit seven minutes," she said. "You will break a sweat!"

The addition of the resistance band "is a great way to add upper body to the workout," she said, but "all of these moves can be done without the band if needed."

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