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Cardio Workout For Home No Equipment Necessary

This At-Home Cardio Workout Contains Zero Running

You can get your heart rate up in the comfort of your own home. Skip the gym and the cardio machines for this short, fun, and challenging cardio workout. We think you'll love it! And your arms and legs will feel worked, too. Equipment wise, you will need a step (for step-ups) and a jump rope. If there are no stairs in your home, use a small bench, march in place with some vigor, or up the intensity by running in place doing the high-knee run — this advanced variation works the abs, too. If you don't have a jump rope, just imagine you do and hop over your imaginary rope.

The Warmup

Exercise Time / Reps
March in place 2 minutes
Step-ups 2 minutes
Jump rope 2 minutes
Stretch Hamstrings, quads, calves, inner thighs

The Workout

Exercise Time / Reps
Jumping jacks and cross jacks 2 minutes
Squats 1 minute
Alternating side lunges 20 reps
Jump rope 1 minute
Jump squats 15 reps
March in place 1 minute
Burpees 15 reps
March in place 1 minute
Walking lunges 20 reps
Squats 1 minute
Jump rope 1 minute
Jump squats 15 reps
Jump rope 1 minute
Step-ups 2 minutes
March in place 2 minutes
Push-ups 20
Ab work / your choice 5 minutes
Triceps dips 30 reps

Need help with the five minutes of ab work? Here are a few workouts to follow:

This workout is definitely not low impact, and if you have downstairs neighbors it could seriously bother them. Take care of yourself and your knees — modify if needed. Remember to stretch your entire body when you're done.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
Mabel15399174 Mabel15399174 3 years
i hope that this time it will be effective, i just to have a flat belly.
TheDude87 TheDude87 3 years
Brilliant work out, I signed up just to comment and thank you. I feel I've worked everything really well. As below, how many calories does this burn if done right? Gimme some numbers.
Rundle15033441 Rundle15033441 3 years
Great workout! I love the growing trend in home, travel and anywhere workouts. That's why we created Workout Anywhere. New workouts like this, every week:
slimmingsnake slimmingsnake 4 years
How many calories does this burn?
b2a2v b2a2v 5 years
I just did this 30-40 min exercise. Great workout :) Do you know how many calories it burns?
Melissa2439206 Melissa2439206 5 years
also do u do it only once?  
Melissa2439206 Melissa2439206 5 years
do u do this with out stopping?
Stephen-E Stephen-E 9 years
That's a very well-rounded cardio workout. It's definitely true that you can get a good workout without any equipment at all. Thanks.
poprockz99 poprockz99 9 years
omg. im happy i found this. im going to try it. but i know after the warm-ups, the rest is gonna kick my butt.
mirawilliams mirawilliams 9 years
This is a great alternative to the days when I'm not in the mood to run!
coutorture coutorture 9 years
Phew this kicked my rear! I couldn't do the entire Burpee set though. Times have changed since high school. This was a great cardio set to do before my Pilates routine. Saved me the time of trekking to the gym and then doing my pilates. One stop shopping!
kimberly_86 kimberly_86 9 years
This is great for days when going to the gym is just not happening, thanks! :)
rpenner rpenner 9 years
I'm definitely going to use this!
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
I think the best at-home equipment-less cardio workout is just good ol' dancing! Crank up the stereo and be a rock star for 30 minutes! :)
nancita nancita 9 years
I'm always looking for ideas for stuff to do when I can't go to the gym. Thanks!
merymery merymery 9 years
This is great for when I just can't make it to the gym...thanks Fit :)
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
I live in an apartment and Im on the 6th floor. Some of these are a no no!
DreaAST DreaAST 9 years
when i am making dinner or just standing around i usually step back and forth just to keep moving. this is good info!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Whenever I cna't make it to the gym, I have a work-out to do at home. Otherwise I feel bad for not going!
randomname12345 randomname12345 9 years
I love working out at home. You can do all of these moves and not worry about everyone at the gym looking at you like you're crazy. Unless, of course, you go to the MonkeyBar! :)
kia kia 9 years
I set up an outdoor circuit here in the yard that kicks my butt. It is fun and I am able to get my husband to join me. We do the jump rope, walking lunges, and burpees but will also mix it up with some running (the long driveway), duck walks, crab crawls, wall sits, and planks.
georgie2 georgie2 9 years
Hey I've been doing something quite similar to that on days I couldn't make it to the gym. Good to know I was on the right track!
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