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Cottage Cheese Helps Weight Loss

Swap This Food For Greek Yogurt and Lose Weight

Greek yogurt gets all the love when it comes to excellent protein sources for weight loss, but it's not the only food that can offer you sustained energy, satiate your hunger, and help curb your sugar cravings. Don't leave out the unsung hero of the protein world — cottage cheese! Here are some ways this simple food can help you drop pounds.

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Breakfast: High-Protein Addition

You know how after you eat a bagel for breakfast it's tough to shake that sluggish feeling all morning? Protein has the opposite effect. It offers you energy for hours, so you feel bright-eyed and ready to tackle the day. Eggs and yogurt are popular choices, but for something a little different, whip up a smoothie and, you guessed it — add low-fat cottage cheese to the blender. For just 82 calories, four ounces will add a whopping 14.1 grams of protein to your glass. The blender purees the cottage cheese into a smooth consistency, so you won't even know it's in there. Not into smoothies? Enjoy cottage cheese spread onto a slice of whole-wheat toast.

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Snack: Low-Calorie Swap

If you're a huge fan of veggies and dip, skip the high-calorie dips made with sour cream. Swap it for cottage cheese and save over 150 calories, 20 grams of fat, and 45 mg of cholesterol, yet gain over 10 grams of protein. Here's what to do: take a four-ounce serving of one-percent cottage cheese and mix it with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, one teaspoon of chopped fresh dill, and one finely chopped clove of garlic, and top with salt and pepper. If you prefer a creamier consistency, add two tablespoons of skim milk and puree it with a hand blender.


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Dessert: Creamy, Sweet, and Low in Calories

Obsessed with hitting the freezer for spoonfuls of ice cream? The high-fat and high-calorie bites won't help your waistline, and the sugar overload will just have you craving more. Whip up this dessert alternative — creamy fruit popsicles — that's much lower in calories but still satisfies your sweet tooth. Here's how: put one cup of low-fat cottage cheese in a blender and add one banana, six strawberries, half a cup of crushed pineapple or peaches, and one teaspoon of vanilla. After mixing to a smooth consistency, divide it into four popsicle molds (or kid-size cups lined with foil), insert popsicle sticks, and freeze. After four hours or so, you'll enjoy your guilt-free, low-calorie treat without affecting the numbers on the scale.

Image Sources: POPSUGAR Photography / Jenny Sugar and Thumbnail / POPSUGAR Photography / Susannah Chen
karenfarber2710 karenfarber2710 3 years

Very cool! I haven't had cottage cheese since I was a kid,I'll have to re-introduce it to my diet

conniebea conniebea 3 years

One of my favorite on-the-go breakfasts is to get a cup of yogurt and a cup of cottage cheese and mix them together. I prefer the Dannon Light & Fit yogurt in blueberry mixed with the Breakstone's Active cottage cheese (2%, low fat version). They both come in little packs so it's easy to grab and go.

Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

Jenny1001 Jenny1001 4 years
Wow! I didn't know how much protein cottage cheese had! I've been looking for a way to have protein at the start of the days that didn't include having eggs every single day, and I think this is a great idea! I'll add this to my breakfast tomorrow and see how much better I feel! XXX Jenny
keonline10 keonline10 5 years
I usually have a yogurt smoothie or eggs for breakfast.\u00a0 I find I am usually hungry after the smoothie though so I'll definately be trying the addition of some cottage cheese to see if that helps.\u00a0 Thanks for the tips!\u00a0 PS.\u00a0 I also came across this article when I was looking at other articles on protein:\u00a0
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