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How to Do a Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Carry

Upgrade Your Crunches With This 1 Move For Rock-Hard Abs

Before a few months ago I never used kettlebells in my workouts. Disclaimer: I'm not a kettlebell pro, but I read in one of my books on fixing back pain that doing antirotational core exercises (moves where you're not rotating your core, like planks) can alleviate back pain and still keep your midsection looking sexy. The bottoms-up kettlebell carry does require upper-body strength, but you'll be feeling this move the most in your abs.

Here's how to do it:

  • Start with a lightweight kettlebell in your right arm. I'm using a four kilogram kettlebell, which is roughly 9 pounds.
  • Lift your arm up turning the kettlebell upside down, creating a 90-degree angle at your elbow. Be sure to keep your wrist straight. If you notice that your wrist is moving, use a lighter kettlebell or a lightweight dumbbell.
  • From here, begin walking forward. Take 20 steps forward or walk for 20 feet depending on the space available.
  • Switch the kettlebell to your left hand and walk back to your starting point. This completes one round.
  • Do four rounds to fire up your abs.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tamara Pridgett
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