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Printable Bodyweight Workout

This Addictive Bodyweight Circuit Takes Less Than 10 Minutes and Works the Entire Body

When it comes to workouts, I find that simple is almost always better. When tasked with complicated moves or routines, my level of intensity always drops. It takes too much brainpower to remember everything involved in a four-part move . . . which is why I love this 5-10-15 workout so much! It's incredibly simple to do and is made up of straightforward exercises like squats and push-ups that still manage to work every inch of the body.

Best of all, it requires no equipment, which has made it my go-to routine when I can't make it to the gym or I find myself traveling. And while it may seem almost too simple, it's easy to turn the intensity of this workout way, way up. Simply task yourself with going as fast as possible without any breaks, add weight to any of the moves, or throw in a few more rounds. While the workout takes well under 10 minutes, it will leave you feeling accomplished and dripping in sweat. Get the printable version of this workout poster here, and start moving ASAP.

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