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Review of Popular Body Treatments

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It takes more than a balanced diet and regular exercise to achieve your best body. We've partnered with Clarins, the worldwide leader in body care, to explore how body treatments, like the new Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert, can help you feel confident and #bebodyfit.

These days, achieving your best body extends far beyond just eating healthy and heading to the gym. Whether you're seeking a slimmer silhouette, glowing skin, or improved digestion, there are plenty of solutions out there — and they don't actually involve working out. Yup, we're talking about body-boosting treatments. Whether in cream, powder, or pill form, these alternative approaches to wellness promise a healthier, stronger, more beautiful you.

Dying to see how well they actually work, our editors decided to tackle six body treatments, alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise, in a holistic effort to feel good inside and out. Keep reading to see how they stacked up.