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Get Festival-Ready With a 7-Move Express Total-Body Workout

Headed somewhere warm this weekend? Trainer, NCAA athlete, and Muscle Milk ambassador Katie Austin made this total-body workout that's perfect to get your whole body toned up for a desert festival or beach vacation. You'll be feeling strong, lean, and confident in a flash. Here are some tips from Katie.

Exercise 1: Side Lunge With Knee Lift

"This works your hips, thighs, buttocks," said Katie. "[It] also gets your core as you pull up that knee. Do 30 seconds on each leg."

Exercise 2: Prisoner Squat With Twist Crunch

Katie said this move "works your booty and abs, especially your obliques when you connect your knee to elbow. Do this for 30 seconds total."

Exercise 3: Deadlift Booty Variation

"Targets your hamstrings, glutes, and core at once," she said. "This move always improves balance. Perform for 30 seconds on each leg."

Exercise 4: T-Stand Leg Lift and Side Crunch

"Working your outer thigh with the leg lift, this move also strengthens your core as you crunch. Do 30 seconds on each side."

Exercise 5: Back Lunge With Ab Pull Through

"This move really gets your full body, but especially tones your abs and booty," said Katie. "The back lunge is great for your lower body, while the pull through is great for your lower abs. Continue for 30 seconds on each leg."

Exercise 6: Front Lunge With Torso Twist

Katie said you'll be "working two major muscle groups at once here — your legs and your abs! That torso twist is really hitting all angles of your abs. Complete for 30 seconds total."

Exercise 7: Plank to Downward Dog Leg Lifts

"This is also a true TOTAL-body move!" she said. "Working your arms, legs, butt, and abs! Use your balance from your core in that plank position, and squeeeeeze your butt really tight when you lift it! Thirty seconds total."

Image Source: Muscle Milk
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