Curious to Try Boxing? We've Rounded Up the Best Classes Nationwide

Boxing is one fitness trend that's likely here to stay, what with its faithful celebrity following and seemingly endless capacity for torching fat and calories. Why is it so effective? Most classes mix in elements of other workouts (strength conditioning, interval training) to make boxing your one-stop shop for a full-body workout. And if that weren't reason enough to try it, let's be honest: throwing some punches is a pretty great stress reliever, too. If all the buzz has you anxious to take your first class, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a list of the best boutique boxing studios and gyms so far.


Rumble Boxing

At Rumble Boxing, expect to get a boxing-inspired, full-body strength and conditioning workout. If that weren't enough to make you feel like Rocky, each workout is set against a backdrop of hip-hop music, played through the bi-coastal studio's premium nightlight speakers.


9 Round Fitness

9 Round Fitness offers unique, kickboxing-based workouts in each of its 700 locations, but there's a catch — you don't actually need to register for a class. Just show up at your convenience, and a trainer will help wrap your hands and walk you through the gym's nine exercise stations. Even better, each workout takes just 30 minutes.



CruBox's high-intensity classes are designed to jump-start your metabolism and torch calories, even after the workout is through. When you arrive at the West Hollywood studio, expect a heart-pumping session centered on heavy bag work, shadowboxing, HIIT, and more.



Equinox offers more than luxury amenities and equipment — membership also comes with a full roster of group classes, including 45 different types of boxing and martial arts sessions. Many of these classes integrate traditional boxing with other activities, such as karate and jump rope, for a dynamic and energizing workout. And you can't beat the convenience: Equinox boasts more than 100 locations throughout the United States.



New York's Shadowbox truly covers the bases: you'll find interval training, heavy bag work, and bodyweight exercises in every class. The studio's unique style of meditative boxing helps combat stress and boost your confidence, while building muscle and endurance.


TITLE Boxing Club

TITLE Boxing Club gets points for its killer workouts, but also its convenience. The gym has 187 locations throughout the United States and offers classes that are 30, 40, 60, and 75 minutes in length, so you can always squeeze in a workout.



Santa Monica-based BoxUnion is best known for its innovative studio spaces. Special floors have been installed to better absorb impact, while the gym's bags are filled with water and high density foam to be easier on joints and hands. If you're new to boxing, take the form and footwork class first.


New York Sports Clubs

Don't let the name fool you – New York Sports Club has locations throughout the East Coast, including Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Boston. Even better? The gym offers a variety of boxing classes such as cardio kickboxing, boxing non-contact, and Tapout FIT.


Overthrow Boxing

There's something for every skill level at Overthrow Boxing in New York. The gym's Underground Boxing class focuses on shadow boxing, heavy bag work, and basic boxing technique, while the Ring Work class gets you — you guessed it — in the ring, where you'll learn to move like a fighter. (There's no contact.) Both classes are 45 minutes long.



Gloveworx is an ultramodern boxing studio and athletic performance facility that has locations in California and is opening in New York in 2019. To ensure you get the best workout possible, the gym offers a variety of classes taught by former professional athletes and boxing champions, with no more than five students to an instructor.