Let It Go and Dance Like Nobody's Watching With This Frozen-Themed Workout

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You've seen the movies more times than you can count, and the albums are at the top of your Spotify account. And now, you can channel your inner Elsa as you sweat to both of the Frozen soundtracks — thanks to fitness YouTuber Kyra Provost's dance workout.

But, for the record, you don't have to be a dancer to get into this workout — or even a Frozen superfan. Provost keeps her choreography super simple yet effective. You'll be squatting, lunging, and performing plenty of arm movements that'll have you subtly feeling the burn.

This 18-minute session starts with a warmup to "When I Am Older" and continues through "Love Is an Open Door," "Let It Go," "Into the Unknown," and "Some Things Never Change" before ending with "Do You Want to Build a Snowman."

Perfect for the peak of winter, your endorphins won't be the only uplifting part of this Frozen-themed dance workout — the music truly hits the holiday-season spot. Provost's infectious positive energy is a big plus, too.