Double Duty: This Move From a Trainer Will Strengthen Your Booty and Your Core

Exercises that work your booty with added benefits are the best kinds of exercises (who doesn't like something extra along with booty gains?). NASM-certified personal trainer and Peloton Bike instructor Emma Lovewell is here to share some good news for you: moves that challenge your glutes and core do exist! Emma knows a lot about the core — she launched a four-week Crush Your Core program on Peloton's digital app not too long ago — and she told us that her favorite exercise for working both your deep abs and your booty is glute bridge marches.

Emma explained to POPSUGAR, "A regular glute bridge requires you to engage your transverse abdominal muscle, your deepest ab muscle, and your glutes when you're pressing your hips up, moving against gravity. Adding the march with the legs is a more advanced move and requires deeper core and glute engagement to keep your hips stable while your legs are moving." Normally, these should be done in a full-body or leg-focused workout, she said, noting that you will also feel your hamstrings working and that the move is good for hip mobility and lower-back strength as well.

If you're in search of an entire workout that targets your abs and butt, check out this 30-minute circuit. And, if you want more from Emma, check out her two-move plank sequence for obliques. Ahead, you'll find full details on how to perform glute bridge marches and suggestions for making the exercise easier and advanced.

Glute Bridge March
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Glute Bridge March

  • Begin on your back with feet about 12 inches from your butt and hands by your sides with palms up.
  • Press your heels into the ground and lift your pelvis up until your knees, pelvis, and shoulders form a straight line.
  • Hold your bridge while you lift your right knee toward your chest, until your hip is at 90 degrees.
  • Return the heel to the floor and lift the left knee. Do not let your pelvis sag or your back overarch while lifting and lowering your legs. This completes one rep.
  • Emma suggests doing three sets of eight to 12 reps.

Easier alternate move: Emma suggests sticking to regular glute bridges.

More advanced alternate move: Emma suggests lifting your arms toward the sky while performing the glute bridge marches because this will challenge your stability. You can also hold a dumbbell or weighted ball at your hips to increase the difficulty.