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15-Minute Pilates Core Workout For Beginners

Try This Beginner Pilates Workout For a Strong Core — It's Just 5 Moves and 15 Minutes!

15-Minute Pilates Core Workout For Beginners
Image Source: Isa Welly

Here's a quick Pilates ab workout for beginners you can do at home. It includes five easy Pilates exercises, and since these are all bodyweight moves, you can do this workout anywhere. Having a strong core is important for improving posture, relieving back pain, preventing injury, and making everyday tasks like carrying groceries easier. A strong core will also make you a better athlete and help you achieve your fitness goals.

This beginner Pilates workout was created by Pilates teacher Isa Welly, who told POPSUGAR, "Pilates is a safe and effective practice designed to rehabilitate the body by giving it strength and flexibility." She explained that these are five exercises you can do every day to really build that core strength. These moves are perfect if you really want to see abs, she said, adding, "If you do this consistently, you will definitely get results." All you need are a mat and 15 minutes!

15-Minute Beginner Pilates Workout For a Strong Core

Equipment needed: mat

Directions: After a few minutes of warming up, perform each of these five exercises for a minute each. Repeat a total of three times for a 15-minute workout. Cool down with Cobra pose to stretch your abs.

Exercise Name Time and reps
Half roll back 1 minute (about 10 reps)
Tabletop 1-minute hold
Crunch 1 minute (about 10 reps)
Diamond 1 minute (about 20 reps)
Heel tap 1 minute (about 10 reps)
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