This Plank Challenge Set to Sean Paul's "Temperature" Is Turning Up the Heat Like It's 2005

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Not gonna lie: mid-2000s music is still what gets me through my workouts. (That, and K-pop. But we'll talk about my eclectic playlists another time.) Fitness YouTuber Maddie Lymburner gets me: she combined "Temperature," the 2005 hit by Sean Paul once heard everywhere from nightclubs to middle-school dances, with a four-minute plank challenge that's turning up the heat on our abs just by watching. The reggae fusion song is perfect for the sets of mountain climbers, side plank pulses, and superchallenging up-down planks that Maddie syncs up to the beat. The only downside is how permanently this song will be stuck in your head afterward. I've watched it three times now, so trust me: just go ahead and throw it on your playlist now.

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