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Tom Brady Total-Body Workout Review

I Tried Tom Brady's Full-Body Workout, and It's Great For Anyone Short on Time

Tom Brady Total-Body Workout Review
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One of my slightly weird hobbies is trying out and reviewing the workouts that athletes and celebrities do. I'm a fan of all of Halle Berry's workouts (the ab workouts will leave you shaking), and I once did The Rock's workouts for a week and my arms have never been more sore.

I recently tried one of Tom Brady's full-body workouts and to no surprise, it was challenging but I liked it. In my opinion, this workout is great for all levels — even if you have no aspiration to be a professional football player. What I like the most about this workout is that it's quick to do and you determine how hard you go since the amount of reps you perform are until failure (doing as many reps as you can until you can't do anymore).

If you're short on time and want a workout that's going to challenge you and target all your major muscles groups, I recommend trying Tom's full-body workout.

Tom Brady's Full-Body Workout

Equipment needed: a superband and a pair of medium-weight dumbbells. Here's a guide on how to choose the right weight.

Be sure to warm up before starting the workout. Once you're warm, complete as many reps as possible for each of the following exercises. When you can no longer perform a rep, rest for 30 to 45 seconds, and then progress to the next movement. Complete one round of all the moves. Don't forget to cool down and foam roll afterward.

  1. Resistance band sprint: one set to failure
  2. Bent-over row: one set to failure
  3. Basic push-up: one set to failure
  4. Seated Russian twist: one set to failure
  5. Stiff-leg deadlift: one set to failure
  6. Bicep curl: one set to failure
  7. Overhead triceps extension: one set to failure
  8. Alternating forward lunge: one set to failure
  9. Overhead shoulder press: one set to failure
  10. Bodyweight squat: one set to failure
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