These 13 YouTube Pilates Workouts Are Perfect For Beginners

Here's your regular reminder that, when it comes to workouts, low-impact does not always equal easy. If you need proof, just try a Pilates workout. One swift bodyweight flow or teaser series later, and you'll be feeling strong, exhausted, and hooked.

While many Pilates studios use a reformer in workouts, you can also score all the benefits of Pilates — including a stronger core, improved flexibility, and better posture — at home with next to no equipment. Mat Pilates classes require nothing but your body and a mat or some comfy floor, and they're often the perfect type of Pilates workout for beginners new to the practice. (If you really want to simulate the reformer experience, there are plenty of creative ways to do reformer Pilates at home without a reformer.)

If you're looking for a Pilates workout for beginners, there's no better place to start than YouTube. These at-home routines are totally free to stream, mostly equipment free, and accessible for every level. Cue one of these YouTube Pilates workouts — including a few from our POPSUGAR Fitness Youtube Channel — up on your computer, smartphone, or TV, and you're just a few seconds away from a better mind-body connection. Try one now and thank us later.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 30-Minute Bodyweight Strength Pilates Workout With Khetanya Henderson

Pilates instructor and POPSUGAR Fitness trainer Khetanya Henderson is our resident Pilates queen. This 30-minute bodyweight strength Pilates workout is great for beginners because it builds total-body strength from the ground up. That said, if you're just starting out, 30 minutes might be a little long. Keep scrolling for other classes taught by Henderson that are a bit shorter and still beginner-friendly.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 20-Minute Pilates Workout For Beginners With Isa Welly

No matter how much or how little Pilates experience you have, you'll feel at home in this gentle, fluid practice from STOTT-certified Pilates instructor Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou. She explains some of the key principles of Pilates, including breathwork, while leading you through a basic and effective beginner Pilates practice that targets your glutes and core.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 5-Minute Pilates Core With Khetanya Henderson

Call this one an "exercise snack." Whether you only have a few free minutes today, you're looking for an ab finisher for the end of a workout, or you just want a taste of a Pilates workout for beginners, this five-minute routine with Henderson is a great pick. It focuses on your core with classical Pilates moves like teaser and single-leg stretch.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 10-Minute Beginner Pilates Workout With Callie Jardine

Join Callie Jardine, a certified Pilates and barre instructor, health coach, and founder of Sweaty Studio for a 10-minute YouTube Pilates workout that'll wake up your whole body. You'll start with a gentle warmup then move into some arm, glute, and core moves. Jardine is wearing ankle weights, but they're optional — you'll still feel these moves with just your body weight.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 10-Minute Pilates Glute Workout With Khetanya Henderson

Here's another Pilates YouTube workout with Henderson, this time focusing on those glutes! Easy to follow and low-impact, this equipment-free routine is a great workout warmup to wake up sleepy glute muscles, but can also be done as a beginner-friendly routine on its own. You'll start with a quick standing series, but then perform the rest of the moves on the mat.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 30-Minute Pilates Strength Workout With Albina Katsman

If you want a Pilates-style workout bumped up a notch, try this 30-minute hybrid Pilates and strength workout led by Albina Katsman, creator of Body By Bina and who has an advanced certification in Lagree Fitness. You can grab some light hand weights (Katsman's using 3-lb. dumbbells here), though she says you can do totally this workout without the weights to make it more beginner-friendly.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 30-Minute Pilates Core Workout With Khetanya Henderson

If you're intrigued by reformer-style Pilates workouts, try this beginner-friendly towel Pilates workout led by Henderson. You'll use this common household item for moves similar to those you would do on a reformer. If you're doing this workout on a carpeted floor, you can swap the towel for paper plates or workout sliders, though Henderson also offers modifications if you're doing the workout with no equipment at all.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 25-Minute Full-Body Pilates Workout For Beginners

Join Move With Nicole's Nicole McPherson, a certified Pilates and yoga instructor living in Thailand, for a 25-minute full-body beginner Pilates workout that requires no equipment. This routine is done entirely on the mat, so it's a great choice for a gentle workout or when you don't feel like moving too much.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 30-Minute Full-Body Pilates For Beginners

If you're looking for a routine that doesn't put pressure on your feet or legs, this 30-minute Pilates class is a good choice; besides a few rounds of Cat-Cow at the end, you'll be on your back for the entire workout. The core-focused routine is led by Hannah T., the brains behind Moving Mango and a certified Pilates instructor who received her training in Bangkok.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: Total Body Workout For Beginners From Pop Pilates

Pilates instructor Cassey Ho is known and loved for her Blogilates and Pop Pilates workouts, and you'll see why in this video. With over 13 million views, this routine starts by teaching you a lateral breathing technique to help you learn to engage your core. You'll transition to effective mat moves like modified Pilates hundreds, pulsing leg lifts, and knee push-ups.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 15-Minute Basic Pilates Mat Workout

For a quicker workout, try this 15-minute Pilates class from Brooke Tyler, who received her training in classical Pilates from teacher Dorothee VandeWalle. In this video, Tyler takes you through the basics, teaching you to engage the "powerhouse" of your core through crunch and leg lift variations.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 30-Minute Beginner Mat Flow With Aalaya Pilates

From side planks to back extensions to glute bridges, this fluid flow from BASI-certified Pilates instructor Mira Hassan will help you learn fundamental Pilates poses while targeting your core, glutes, and upper body.

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YouTube Pilates Workout: 15-Minute Gentle Pilates For Beginners

For a slower and more gentle Pilates class, try this 15-minute video from Jessica Valant, a physical therapist and Pilates instructor certified by Polestar Pilates. This routine focuses on the basics, from engaging your core to activating your glutes, and Valant says it's a great choice for any level of experience.