It Sounds Like Selena Gomez and Madison Prewett Met in a Refreshingly Normal Way

The latest celeb-Bachelor Nation friend duo is not one anyone probably expected, so we're all trying to figure out how Madison Prewett knows Selena Gomez. The former Bachelor contestant and the singer made waves when Selena posted Instagram Stories featuring Madison among her friend group, but it sounds like there's no big dramatic story about their friendship — in fact, it's a surprisingly normal situation.

Madison and Selena caused a major stir when Madison appeared on Selena's Instagram Stories on March 13, where they were part of a group of friends having a game night.

"Hey, guys, I hope everyone is being safe and taking good care of yourselves. I know you're probably tired of hearing it, but I just want to let you guys know that I'm praying and I'm thinking about everyone," Selena said, before turning the camera to her friends, including Madison, who were "stocking up on games." She then drew attention to Madison specifically, asking her opinion on the game selection. Later in her Insta Stories that same night, Selena shared more snaps from the game night, revealing that Madison's team actually came out victorious!

Reportedly, they met like a lot of nonfamous people do: through shared interests and mutual friends. The new pals reportedly met at Hillsong Church in Los Angeles. "They bonded over their faith and the lack of good guys in L.A," a source told Life and Style. "They have a ton of mutual friends in common. Besides that, they really do get along."

It's great to see Madison having fun and just relaxing, especially given the massive emotional highs and lows she's just gone through in front of millions of people. Toward the end of her time on The Bachelor, Madison came under fire for being upset over Peter sleeping with the other women after she told him her discomfort with it. Eventually, their differences proved too much to overcome, and she left the show after meeting his parents but before the final rose ceremony. Their feelings still lingered, though, which led to one of the messiest finales in Bachelor history: Peter broke up with fiancée Hannah Ann Sluss, Chris Harrison visited Madison to tell her about the breakup and ask her if she still had feelings for Peter, and she and Peter briefly reunited in Los Angeles, then again on "After the Final Rose," where she came under attack from Peter's mom, Barb.

Unfortunately, it looks like Madison's first instincts might have been right all along, as she and Peter announced their breakup only a few days after their on-air reunion. Nevertheless, she seems to be handling things just like the rest of us — hanging out with friends and taking her mind off of the stressful stuff — and we are definitely here for that!