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What Album Will Taylor Swift Rerelease Next? Theories

Which Album Will Taylor Swift Rerelease Next?

What Album Will Taylor Swift Rerelease Next? Theories
Image Source: Getty / Larry Busacca

It's a full-time job being a Swiftie! From Swift's intermittent social media activity and rare interviews to her music videos chock-full of Easter eggs — fans leave no stone unturned trying to figure out the subtext behind Swift's every move. Every day there's a new fan theory swirling, but amidst the onslaught of theories about which album Taylor Swift will rerecord next, some are too convincing not to be true!

As the 11-time Grammy winner fearlessly continues her efforts to rerecord her old masters (albums one through six), fans are eagerly wondering which album she will choose to rerelease next following the massive success of "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" and "Red (Taylor's Version)." Will it be her entirely self-written masterpiece, "Speak Now," or the 2014 pop perfection "1989"? Fans are split down the middle deciding between the two most likely releases. Whichever one's next on the stack, you can take it to the bank that Swift will make it worth your wait!

Ahead, we break down every theory and Easter egg Swift might've hidden along the way for us to decode the mystery of her next master rerecording.

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