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Tabata Workout Videos

Get Ready to HIIT It With One of These Tabata Workout Videos

Tabata Workout Videos
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kathryna Hancock

My introduction to the world of HIIT workouts (that's high-intensity interval training) was with the Tabata protocol. This is a four-minute workout broken into eight 20-second high-intensity intervals, each followed by 10 glorious seconds of rest. You can stack multiple rounds of these four-minute Tabata workouts together to make an amazingly efficient calorie-burning sweat session. This type of workout is great for blasting belly fat, too.

As great as Tabata workouts are, it can be rough tackling a session alone, let alone finding a Tabata timer you like — so work out with us! We have six Class FitSugar videos featuring Tabata workouts of varying lengths, from eight minutes to 45 minutes. Best of all, you can do all of these workouts at home.

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