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Where Should My Hands Be For Push-Ups?

If You're Struggling to Do Push-Ups, You Need to Make This Simple Tweak to Your Hand Position

Where Should My Hands Be For Push-Ups?
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Push-ups are definitely one of those love-hate exercises, but the feeling of mastering a push-up is amazing; even if your arms are trembling during and after every rep and you know the soreness will linger for days. I like push-ups because you can do them anywhere. They're also an exercise that never seems to get easier even as you get stronger. And because push-ups are a staple in any fitness routine, you've got to make sure you're performing them correctly.

Your neck should always be in a neutral position, meaning it isn't tucked into your chest or extended up. You'll also want to keep your back flat and in a neutral position to prevent flexion (rounding) and extension (arching) of the spine.

Now it's time to talk about your hands. They should be directly underneath your shoulders to help support your wrists. You should also ensure that your hands are completely flat on the ground and not relaxed which can lead to rotating your hands out or in and cupping the ground. Push-ups are already hard and not having your entire hand on the ground will make them much more challenging to do.

The simple fix for this is to think about pushing through both palms and keeping all your fingers on the ground as you push your body up and off the ground. Doing so can eliminate wrist pain (although this can be caused by other things) and make push-ups easier to perform.

Put your new skills to practice with a few of my favorite push-up variations ahead. This isn't a workout and I don't advise doing all of these variations at once unless you want extremely sore arms. Instead, add one or two variations to your workouts and switch them up as you begin to master each move.

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