Treat Yourself to a DIY Self-Care Spa Day With These 25 Mix-and-Match Ideas

POPSUGAR Photography | Julia Sperling
POPSUGAR Photography | Julia Sperling

Ready for an entire day of self-care? Turn your home into a spa with these totally doable (and many DIY) ideas. Pick and choose from these mix-and-match activities, or use it as your schedule for the entire day to achieve the most blissed-out zen feeling ever. It'll do wonders for your mental health while helping you recover from workouts (and stress!) so you can keep kicking ass. Now treat yo'self!

  1. Start your aromatherapy diffuser. Essential oils will help you relax and get in the right headspace.
  2. Light some aromatherapy candles (or make your own aromatherapy candle!).
  3. Turn on some tranquil tracks or a gentle playlist to set a peaceful mood.
  4. Get hot water brewing for some healthy, delicious, calming tea.
  5. Make some spa water and put it in the fridge to chill for later.
  6. Blend up a juice shot to kick-start your metabolism.
  7. Make a nutritious breakfast, like a chia pudding parfait.
  8. Begin with some meditation and center yourself before starting your spa day treatments.
  9. Make a body scrub and give yourself some gentle exfoliation.
  10. Draw a hot bath with your favorite bath bomb, salts, bubble bath, or other body treatment.
  11. Give yourself a DIY facial, sheet mask or clay mask included. Or make your own mask!
  12. Do some trigger-point self-massaging, using a therapy ball or lacrosse ball. Use the foam roller while you're at it!
  13. Order a massage to your house with an on-demand app like Zeel or Soothe.
  14. Make a nutritious, healthy, and fresh lunchsmoothie included.
  15. Brew or shake up an adaptogen latte. Perfect for a midafternoon boost!
  16. Dry brush for a calming skincare (and possibly detox!) routine.
  17. Drink extra water throughout the whole day — hydration is super important!
  18. Make a DIY lip scrub and do some exfoliating.
  19. Use some body oil or a lotion with essential oils to give your skin some TLC.
  20. Try a hand or foot mask while you lounge in a bathrobe and watch your favorite movie or TV show.
  21. Practice a little more meditation and deep breathing to feel calm (bonus points if you inhale some calming essential oils).
  22. Wind down with a gentle yoga flow.
  23. Paint your nails or give yourself an at-home pedicure, foot soak included.
  24. Have a warming dinner to set up your cozy evening.
  25. Begin your bedtime routine and get some extra beauty sleep — you deserve it!