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Yoga Poses to Reduce Head-to-Toe Body Tension

Yoga Poses to Reduce Head-to-Toe Body Tension
Image Source: Getty / Patrik Giardino

From neck pain due to a poor night's sleep to soreness from a strenuous workout, incorporating yoga into your self-care routine is a great way to alleviate everyday physical pain. With the help of certified yoga instructor Joanna Cohen — a Vibe Higher Creator and Lead Coach at Y7 Studio in New York City — we've pinpointed common areas of tension throughout the body and paired them with yoga poses meant to relieve discomfort.

For the best results, Cohen suggests dedicating time every morning and night to these stretches until your tension subsides. Hold each move for 5-to-10 full breaths and repeat for three rounds.

(Active poses like Cobra and Triangle aren't conducive to winding down before bed, so feel free to skip at night if they are affecting your sleep.)

Read on for our complete head-to-toe guide.

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