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Oatmeal Recipes

19 Recipes That'll Make You an Oatmeal-Every-Morning Sort of Person

Butter Toasted Oats With Pistachios and Blood Oranges
Image Source: How Sweet it is

We find that most folks either love or hate oatmeal. Now for those who have already discovered this grain's wonders, we'll stop here (just keep reading for the recipes). But for those who are ambivalent at best and haters at worst, hear us out: when cooked properly (or in some cases, like overnight oats or muesli, not at all), it can be flavorful, creamy, and a morning savior. If you shy away from oatmeal because your mornings are too busy to simmer up a pot, zero in on the baked, slow-cooker, and overnight oat recipes. It's time to give oats another chance.

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