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Cool Upcycling Projects to Try in 2021

185 Upcycling Ideas That Will Turn Your Trash Into Treasures

Cool Upcycling Projects to Try in 2021
Image Sources: Instagram user theflourishingfarmhouse, POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff and Instagram user molliemakes

If you're the kind of person who hates throwing anything away, we are right there with you. 2021 is a year where sustainability should be at the front of mind, which means there's no better time to turn your unwanted items into gorgeous DIY projects. From reusing old wine corks to creating beautiful table-settings to transforming mason jars into rustic chandeliers, these ideas ensure that nothing goes to waste. After all, one person's trash is another's treasure, right?

For reusing mason jars, wine bottles, and other food or beverage containers, be sure to keep sustainability practices in mind when cleaning them. You can do this by using plant-based and compostable products like Clorox Compostable Cleaning Wipes and making sure you don't overdo it on the water while washing and rinsing them out.

Once those vessels are ready, it's time to let the creativity flow! Keep reading to get inspired by these DIY ideas for ordinary household objects now.

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