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Best Romantic Comedies of the 2010s

17 Romantic Comedies From the 2010s That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Best Romantic Comedies of the 2010s
Image Source: Everett Collection

A treasure trove of cinematic kisses and grand gestures, the 2010s have been a glamorous era for the beloved romantic comedy. This decade has been a candy store of offerings when it comes to stories about love, layering the classic charms of the genre with complex characters and situations. It swept rom-com connoisseurs away with an impressive range — a rewind of the last 10 years shows everything from raunchy, star-studded blockbusters like Trainwreck to warm, underrated indie films like Obvious Child. It's also been an incredibly inclusive time for performers of color, who light up the screen in movies like Crazy Rich Asians, Someone Great, and The Big Sick. So hold off on watching When Harry Met Sally for the hundredth time — we've compiled a list of the very best, heart-meltiest romantic comedies from the 2010s!

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