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45-Minute Dumbbell Strength Workout

Get Strong All Over and Sweat Like Heck With This 45-Minute Total-Body Dumbbell Workout

45-Minute Dumbbell Strength Workout
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You might be surprised what you can do with a couple of dumbbells. These classic fitness tools aren't just made for bicep curls and overhead presses; you can work your whole body with two weights as long as you have the right routine, and that's where we come in.

This 45-minute dumbbell strength workout from ISSA-certified personal trainer and AFAA-certified group fitness instructor Ashley Chapman, who trains clients on the Bright App, incorporates 10 different exercises with the goal of hitting every major muscle group in the body. You'll notice that these are all compound moves, meaning they target multiple groups of large muscle at once. Benefits-wise, these exercises are a true double-whammy. They help you burn more calories, since you're incorporating larger muscle groups and working more of your body at once. (More movement equals more calories burned!) And thanks to those handy dumbbells, you're also efficiently building strength in those muscles.

Check out the workout below, keep reading to see how to do each move, and get ready to put those muscles and dumbbells to the test!

45-Minute Dumbbell Strength Workout

Equipment needed: A pair of medium dumbbells. Choose a weight that challenges you, Chapman said, but isn't so heavy that you'll lose proper form. Here are more tips on choosing the right weight.

Directions: Warm up with three minutes of light cardio (such as a brisk walk, jog in place, or jumping jacks) and these dynamic bodyweight moves. Then, begin the first circuit of the workout. Do the designated reps for each move, resting for 45 seconds to one minute between exercises. After the fifth exercise, go back to the first exercise and repeat the circuit for a total of two rounds. Rest for two minutes, then complete two rounds of the second circuit, resting at the same intervals. When you're done, cool down with a full-body stretch routine.

Circuit 1 Reps
Squat to overhead press 15 reps
Alternating lunge 15 reps, alternating sides
Kneeling core twist and press 15 reps
Seated dumbbell twist 15 reps
Lying chest press 10 reps on each side
Circuit 2 Reps
Plank row 10 reps on each side
Sumo squat with upright row 15 reps
Bent-over row to triceps kickback 15 reps
Alternating toe touch 15 reps, alternating sides
Weighted squat jump 15 reps

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