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Buddha Teas CBD Tea

These CBD Teas Are a New Addition to My Antianxiety Routine — Here's Why You Need Them

Need help sleeping? Maybe you're extra stressed or battling legitimate anxiety. Or perhaps you're supersore from a workout, or dealing with chronic pain . . . how does some CBD tea sound?

I just discovered Buddha Teas' collection of CBD teas, and I'm pretty damn obsessed — and yes, I already have a favorite. Because I'm now apparently a CBD evangelist, I feel like it's my duty to share the good news with you all. Here's the skinny: you can buy Buddha Teas' CBD teas online. It's a US brand with headquarters in Carlsbad, CA (my hometown, wuddup!) — and they have an unbelievably extensive (and impressive) catalog of some delicious looking teas of all varieties, not just limited to CBD.

The new line of calming, inflammation-relieving teas features four varieties, including Mint, Chamomile Blend, Turmeric & Ginger, and Matcha Green. At $20 a box for 18 bags (or $60 if you get the four pack of all the flavors), they're a little over $1 per cup, making this a more affordable CBD option compared to other offerings on the market currently. Now for the details!

The Taste

The moment you've all been waiting for . . . *drumroll* . . . it tastes like tea! Wow. No, but seriously, a concern with a lot of the CBD edible products I've tried is "will it taste ashy" or "will it taste like pot." Many people coming into the CBD space have no experience with marijuana in general, so the taste factor could be an aversion for some. Fortunately with these teas, not only do you not taste the CBD, but the flavor of the tea is actually really delicious.

My favorite is the chamomile. It honestly tastes like the best chamomile tea I've ever had — and if you use chamomile to sleep, kick things up a notch and take your sleepy time chamomile tea to the next level with some snooze-inducing CBD. It gives a new meaning to the term slumber party.

Buddha Teas uses a "water-soluble CBD" — what they say is "crafted using nano-size particles" so you don't end up with oily tea. Apparently if you use a CBD oil tea, you can't get the medicine into the hot water. Buddha Teas claims the water solubility allows for bioavailability.

The Dose

Each tea bag has five milligrams of CBD, which is a pretty low dose, but can be just enough to quell jitters, abate general anxiety, or help you nod off a little easier. This mellow dosage is also ideal for CBD beginners, because as all the doctors say: "start low, and go slow." What's slower than a hot cup of tea? (Nothing. The answer is nothing.)

The Effects

These effects will vary based on your body, your body's chemistry, your current dose, and your reaction to CBD in general. If you're new to trying CBD, this will take some testing to figure out what dose your body needs! Also: don't be surprised if you don't feel anything at all. Remember this is the nonpsychoactive compound, so it's not THC! Many people expect to feel sort of high or intoxicated, but that doesn't happen. The things you'll feel are almost unnoticeable because CBD helps bring your body back to a healthy normal . . . and we don't really notice when we feel normal! You might fall asleep more easily, sleep more soundly, feel less stressed or anxious, or have less pain and inflammation.

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