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Vegan Christmas Cookies

22 Vegan Christmas Cookies You'll Happily Dunk Into Your Almond Milk

Vegan Christmas Cookies

Cookies are one of the most time-honored Christmas dessert traditions — it's what you leave for Santa, after all. However, if you're vegan, you've probably had to turn down too many chocolate chip and gingerbread cookies to count over the years, and that's almost as sad as getting coal in your stocking. Thankfully, as more and more people turn to a plant-based diet, the cookie enthusiasts of the vegan community have created some outstanding recipes that don't contain a trace of dairy or egg.

This Christmas, join Santa in indulging in a heaping plate of cookies. Read through the gallery for 22 of the best vegan cookie recipes, pour yourself a nice tall glass of almond milk, and put on Bing Crosby. That's the way the cookie should crumble.

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