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CrossFit AQAP Workout With Jumping Rope and Push-Ups

This 20-Minute CrossFit Workout Will Make Your Butt and Arms Sore For Days

CrossFit AQAP Workout With Jumping Rope and Push-Ups
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If you only have about 20 minutes to work out, make it count with this three-move AQAP workout. AQAP stands for "as quick as possible," which means you're moving fast and you don't stop until you're done.

Jade Jenny, head CrossFit coach and owner of Champlain Valley CrossFit, said you want to push your pace, but more importantly, be mindful of correct form. One of the exercises in this workout is dumbbell box step-ups, so don't be afraid to use a heavier set — you don't want this to be easy! I went with 20-pound dumbbells and days later, my butt is still sore.

The last exercise in this workout is push-ups, but I'm nursing a rotator cuff injury, so I did dumbbell chest presses on the floor instead, using the same size dumbbells I used for the step-ups. Jade said it's a great alternative to strengthen the upper body without putting pressure on the shoulders.

20-Minute CrossFit AQAP Workout

Equipment needed: Jump rope, box, and pair of medium-weight dumbbells (six to 25 pounds).

Directions: After a five-minute dynamic warmup, complete five rounds of this three-move workout. If you need more details on each exercise, see the instructions ahead.

After the workout, be sure to do a cooldown such as these leg stretches, or grab a foam roller for your legs and butt. Also stretch your calves to prevent soreness form jumping rope.

100 single unders (or 75 double unders)
25 dumbbell box step-ups
15 push-ups (or dumbbell chest press on the floor)
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