Prioritize Getting Stronger With This Full-Body Drop-Set Dumbbell Workout From One Body LA Trainers

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If you're looking for a new way to do a full-body workout at home, this 30-minute routine from NASM-certified personal trainers Julius White and LaToya Johnson of One Body LA showcases a drop-set format that will be sure to leave you sweaty and one step closer to a stronger you (as one commenter said, "This workout had me sweating less than a minute into it . . .").

Here's how it works: The video is broken into two different rounds with 10 60-second exercises each: five lower-body moves and five upper-body moves. Each exercise within those rounds will start "heavy" with two dumbbells, then you'll lighten your load accordingly. Every lower-body exercise, like suitcase squats, suitcase deadlifts, and alternating reverse lunges, is sectioned into three drop sets where you'll do 20 seconds with two dumbbells, 20 with one, and 20 with just bodyweight (a "triple drop set"). When it comes to the upper-body moves, such as shoulder presses, hammer curls, and military presses, you'll perform the exercises for 30 seconds with two weights and 30 seconds with just one (a "double drop set").

The trainers classify this as an advanced workout, and they recommend using moderate-size dumbbells (Johnson used 10-pound weights, and White used 20-pound dumbbells). The rest periods are actually active rests that target your core, but you can modify as needed. Johnson and White will also walk you through a warmup and a cooldown, so the entire video is about 40 minutes long. It's "great for building muscle [and] strength and burning a lot of calories," the YouTube description reads. Follow along and give it a go to get stronger!