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Full-Body Toning Pilates Workout From Hot Pilates

This Long-and-Lean Mat Pilates Class Flows Fast and Works Every Muscle — No Equipment Needed

Full-Body Toning Pilates Workout From Hot Pilates
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Matthew Kelly

Much loved for their muscle-toning benefits, fast flow, and connection of breath and movement, Pilates classes are designed to get you sweaty, stretched out, and strong. You'll be sore the next day, but the mostly low-impact nature of the moves means the workout shouldn't exacerbate any injuries or hurt your joints.

Another benefit is that you don't necessarily need any equipment to feel the burn: mat Pilates can be done with a minimum of space and nothing but a comfortable surface for your knees and hands. The following quick, effective mat Pilates workout proves it! The moves come from Shannon Nadj, founder of Hot Pilates in LA and celebrity Pilates instructor (her clients include Hailey Bieber, Adriana Lima, and Sofia Richie), who's been posting workouts to her YouTube channel and hosting live classes on Instagram while LA is under stay-at-home orders.

Shannon described this workout as intense and detoxifying and said she loves the way it creates a mind-body connection. It combines "high-intensity sculpting, cardio, and stretching to deliver a full-body mat Pilates practice with a modern twist," she told POPSUGAR. Check out the workout below, and note that you have the option of repeating the flow twice or three times for a full workout or just going through once for a quick burn.

Full-Body Mat Pilates Workout From Hot Pilates

Equipment needed: None! A mat is optional.

Directions: Complete 10 reps of each exercise. Do the flow once for a quick burn (it'll take about 10 minutes), or repeat it two to three times for a full 20- to 30-minute workout. If you repeat, take a short break between each round. Note that stretching is incorporated into the flow, so Nadj said no extra warmup or cooldown is needed, but here's a full-body stretching routine if you want a little extra afterward.

Exercise Reps
Plank walkout 10 reps
Plié stretch 10 reps
Plié jump 10 reps
Lunge step back with twist 10 reps, alternating sides
Squat with hand back 10 reps
Squat with side kick 10 reps, alternating sides
Plank with side step 10 reps, alternating sides
Mountain climber with twist 10 reps, alternating sides
All-fours leg and arm extension 10 reps each side
Fire hydrant with leg extension 10 reps each side
Side stretch 10 reps, alternating sides
Kneeling arm circle 10 reps forward, 10 reps backward
Kneeling shoulder press 10 reps
Elbows in and out 10 reps
Triceps extension 10 reps
Triceps hip hinge 10 reps
Kneeling chest expansion hip hinge 10 reps
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