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Tracee Ellis Ross's Lower Body and Posture Workout Video

Work Your Legs and Butt and Improve Your Posture Like Tracee Ellis Ross With These 8 Moves

I have a not-so-secret list of celebrities I'd love to work out with, and Tracee Ellis Ross is definitely in my top five. I think she'd make a great workout buddy because no matter how hard the workout it, she always seems to have a fun time. Plus, I'd try to sneak in all my questions about fashion (especially suiting) and beauty, because it is the Tracee Ellis Ross, after all!

She's no stranger to the Tracy Anderson Method, and this snippet of her workout she shared on her Instagram looks intense. In her caption, she said that this exercise is all about posture, but as a trainer, I know her legs and booty are definitely working as well. If you're like me and inspired to keep strengthening your lower body and obtain statuesque posture, check out the select moves ahead.

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