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Emily15153048 Emily15153048 3 years
Definitely not rooting for Emma and Hook... Emma and Neal all the way!!
Leticia15379330 Leticia15379330 3 years
Mary & Bash <3 Stefan & Caroline <3 Hayley & Elijah <3
Mookie15376235 Mookie15376235 3 years
I think it's safe to say bringing Jake back for this so-called "triangle" has been one of the few obvious mistakes Shonda Rimes has made since Scandal has been on the air. Just a terrible idea to bring his character back.
Len15375342 Len15375342 3 years
I am def rooting for Emma/Hook.... loving their build up and Hook's love for her
Cena15375317 Cena15375317 3 years
Molly, are you simple minded girl. What show did you watch? Jake has never been honest with Olivia. Fake kindness to sleep with her. Jake lied all season two about working for Liv's dad and being hired to come in between her and Fitz. You do realize Jake video taped having that one night stand with Liv and gave it to her dad. Wow, what a honest guy. lol. Jake wanted Rowan dead and didn't care what Liv thought about it. Fitz was the one who didn't want to hurt Liv dad because he knew how much she loves him despite her angry. Jake is a waste of space and the most pointless character on the show. Foley acting is horrible and he can't compete with Goldwyn in the looks department. I'm still amazed how idiots like Molly call Jake honest. Jake has lied from day one. I hate teeny bopper fans.
Kendy123 Kendy123 3 years
I'm confused, Jake and Olivia aren't even a couple on the show. If the OP was watching the first half of season three, she'd know that Olivia made Jake take her along to the White House Correspondents Dinner just so that she could see Fitz, and Jake was well aware of this. Also, she forgave a man that she thought had been ordered to shoot down the plane her mother was on, so describing Olivia's feelings towards Fitz as mere infatuation is a tad ridiculous. Oh, and let's not forget Vermont and jam and kids. That conversation wasn't between Jake and Olivia, that was a conversation between Olivia and the guy she actually loves, Fitz. It wasn't with the guy who's mission it was to sleep with her, not the guy who landed her in hospital, not the guy who used her as a shield when her father sent someone to kill him, not the guy who begged Fitz to help him kill Olivia's father, and not the guy who gave a sex tape of her to her father to use as he pleased, and not the guy who's crap ability as a super-spy ultimately led her to helping her terrorist mother escape the country using a government plane that Fitz organised at great risk to himself and his presidency. Oh and the fact that the OP didn't even have Fitz and Liv as an option shows how utterly biased she is. Olake is not a thing, and they never will be. Scott Foley kissed Kerry Washington like he was kissing his grand mother. Ewww. When you don't have the acting ability to look like you're enjoying kissing a co-star as hot as Kerry is, there's a problem.
idawson idawson 3 years
Here's the thing. Not every couple needs to be a couple (Amy and Jake, Brooklyn Nine Nine). I like them just fine with their platonic banter. Kind of bro/sis-ish. Same goes for Jake and Olivia (Scandal). I know he was placed to kind of be a love rival, but maybe a better placement would have been to make him a conifdant (a la Season One Stephen) for Olivia since apparently she has no friends. And (just my opinion) they do not work as a love pair anyway.
Molly-Goodson Molly-Goodson 3 years
Ok, ok. I'm a Scandal fan and watcher and (don't kill me!) I'd like to see Olivia and Jake give it a real try! If we're talking about always being kind/honest/careful with Olivia, I don't necessarily think Fitz is the perfect gentleman either!
Valencia15211820 Valencia15211820 3 years
Shannon you are doing the most by adding Olivia and Jake non-relationship to this poll. Olivia doesn't just LIKE the President. She's IN LOVE with the president. Are you another FAKE Scandal fan who watched on the fly? Bye Felicia!
Torri15370022 Torri15370022 3 years
I supposed if I wanted my favorite character, Olivia Pope, to wind up in the hospital again I'd want her with Jake. He's already given her a concussion and used her as human shield. It boggles my mind that people still push this as a thing when he has done nothing but harm her. You ought to be ashamed for even offering this as an option, but you're not.
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