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45-Minute Full-Body Dumbbell HIIT Workout

For a Major Muscle-Building Challenge, Try This 45-Minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout

45-Minute Full-Body Dumbbell HIIT Workout
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You don't need much to get a solid strength workout in, and this HIIT workout from NASM-certified trainer Andrew Samuels, who trains clients on the Bright App, proves it. Just grab two dumbbells, set aside 45 minutes, and get ready to work your test your strength and your cardio.

"This style of work will get the heart rate up, burn calories, build muscle, and leave you sweaty," Samuels told POPSUGAR of the routine. The calorie-burning comes from the HIIT structure of the workout, which has you going all-out for 45 seconds, then resting for 15. (If you're not as used to this style of training, it's fine to slow down, take more time to rest, or set aside the weights and do the movements with just your bodyweight — more on that below.) Besides the calories you'll burn during the workout, the HIIT style can also trigger the excess postexercise oxygen (EPOC) effect, which means you'll continue to burn a modest amount of calories even after your workout is over. This dumbbell routine can also help you build muscle, when done consistently along with other healthy lifestyle habits like eating a balanced, protein-filled diet and getting adequate sleep.

Ready to get to work? Check out the full workout below.

45-Minute Full-Body Dumbbell HIIT Workout

Equipment needed: Two medium dumbbells (here's how to choose the right weight)

Directions: Warm up with the three exercises below and these dynamic bodyweight moves. Then, begin the first block of the workout. Perform each move for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest in between rounds. Do four rounds of the block. Rest for two minutes after the fourth round, then repeat the same format for block two.

For the finisher, do 30 seconds of each move with no rest between moves. After the third exercise, go back to the first move and repeat the circuit with no rest. Repeat for three rounds.

Cool down after with full-body stretches.

Note: if you're not used to this style of training, take a slower pace with your reps and rest for a longer period between moves.

Warmup Stretch Time
Cat-cow 30 seconds
Low lunge twist 30 seconds
Jumping jacks 30 seconds
Block 1 Exercise Time
Side squat to center squat 45 seconds (two sets on each side)
Split squat pulse 45 seconds (two sets on each side)
Extended Russian twist 45 seconds
Block 2 Exercise Time
Bent-over row 45 seconds
Fly to overhead press 45 seconds
Boat curl 45 seconds
Finisher Exercise Time
Kneel to squat 45 seconds
Dumbbell squat 45 seconds
Mountain climber 45 seconds

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