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High-Intensity Running and Strength-Training Workout

Blast Fat, Build Strength: 60-Minute Calorie Meltdown

Burn 60Reese Witherspoon's a fan, and it shows. By combining high-intensity intervals on the treadmill with serious strength work, this 60-minute class targets every muscle group in the body while never letting the heart rate drop. Hard? Yes. Fun? Totally.

Unfortunately, to get to an actual class, you need to be in LA. Luckily, Burn 60 trainers Michelle Lovitt and Anna Renderer made it easy for us. They simplified the studio workout just a tad, developing a perfect routine that can be used anywhere. Whether you take it to the gym, with you on your next business trip, or adapt it to an outdoor run, you'll be OK to sweat and bid farewell to hundreds — and hundreds — of calories! Let this be the perfect start to your weekend.

You'll begin the workout with the cardio section before moving on to strength, then repeat for a total of three times.


Determine your fitness level (walk, run, or jog) and repeat the three-minute cycle a total of three times. Adjust speeds as necessary, but keep in mind that the fast section of the workout should feel like you are at your max capacity, and the easy speed should still keep the heart rate elevated. After running through the cycle three times, end with a one-minute cooldown at the speed of your easy pace. Total minutes performed: 10. Then quickly move on to the strength section!


  • One minute easy (speed 3.5)
  • One minute moderate (speed 4.0)
  • One minute fast (speed 4.5)


  • One minute easy (speed 4.5-5.0)
  • One minute moderate (speed 5.5-6.5)
  • One minute fast (speed 7.0-8.0)


  • One minute easy (speed 6.0-7.0)
  • One minute moderate (speed 7.5-8.5)
  • One minute fast (speed 9.0-10.0)


Keeping the heart rate elevated will help build endurance and increase calorie burn. This circuit aims to do that while also working every muscle group of the body. Repeat the below strength-training circuit twice for a total of 10 minutes.

Exercise Reps Notes and Tips
Side Plank Leg Lift 10 reps on each side Keep your waist up and lifted.
Jump Squats 20 reps Use your whole foot to jump, not just your toes.
Triceps Dips 15 reps If you don't have a bench, do them on the ground.
Burpees 10 reps If needed, modify by taking out the jumps.
Bicycle Crunches 30 reps Focus more on your form than speed.

Play around with how many times you want to run through the cardio and strength sets, but to have a true Burn 60 experience, repeat the above three times. Here's what it should look like:

Time Section
0:00-10:00 Cardio
10:00-20:00 Strength
20:00-30:00 Cardio
30:00-40:00 Strength
40:00-50:00 Cardio
50:00-60:00 Strength
60:00-70:00 Cooldown
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