Get Hooked on Running With These Treadmill Workouts For Beginners

While there's nothing quite like running outdoors, there are a few things to be said for a good treadmill workout: you can control your speed with precision, step off whenever you need a break, and log steps inside when the weather is poor, the roads are busy, or the trails are wet. If you're just starting your running journey or getting back into it after a hiatus, treadmill workouts are a great place to start. And there's more good news: we have plenty of beginner treadmill workouts to help you get started.

Whatever type of run you're craving, there's something here for you. One of these treadmill workouts has you strutting to Taylor Swift, another has you "hiking" up a mountain, and some involve a combo of running and strength moves. The categories below group these treadmill workouts into types — walking, walk-jog, interval, incline, and bootcamp — starting with categories that are easier, in general, and progressing to the most difficult.

And if you fall into the more intermediate or advanced camp? You can still use these beginner-friendly treadmill workouts, just increase your speed, incline, or interval length to keep challenging yourself. No matter what, you'll be hooked on treadmill running in no time.

Treadmill Walking Workouts For Beginners

If you're new to working out or new to the treadmill, you'll want to get comfortable walking first. Try any of these beginner-friendly treadmill walking workouts to get started. Trust us: just because you're walking doesn't mean it's easy. After a few of these, if you're feeling ready, advance to a walk-jog workout below.

Walk-Jog Treadmill Workouts For Beginners

If you're comfortable with the treadmill but new to running, try beginner treadmill workouts that alternate walking and jogging. They'll get your heart rate up and push your limits while also priming your body for distance and speed. If you feel like the workout is too easy or hard, then play around with the speed, but be sure to give your body time to adjust to the physical demands of running. Here are a few sample workouts to try. One of them is a ladder run, which increases your jogging speed slightly as the workout progresses.

Interval Treadmill Workouts For Beginners

Once you feel like you've mastered the walk-jog combination, try stepping up the pace. Several of these interval treadmill workouts are structured as a pyramid: you slowly increase your speed or interval length up to a certain point, then slowly decrease it back to where you started. Ready to level up?

Incline Treadmill Workouts For Beginners

Whether you're walking, jogging, or running, adding an incline can up the challenge. Try these beginner treadmill workouts with hills to strengthen different muscles, train for real-life hill running or walking, and make your cardio that much more intense.

Treadmill and Strength Bootcamp Workouts For Beginners

A treadmill workout plus strength moves equals a solid sweat session that offers both strength and cardio benefits. Try these workouts when you want to run and do some strength work in the gym.