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Turkish Get-Up

Yes, your arms will be tired after you've done this move, but they'll also be well-defined and strong. Here's how to do the Turkish Get-Up:

  • Begin lying on your back with your right arm pointing toward the ceiling and your right knee bent. Your left arm should be out to the side and a little lower than your shoulder.
  • Keep your eyes on your right hand, and come to sitting without lowering your right arm. Lean onto your left hand to prepare you for your next move.
  • Press down into your left hand to lift your pelvis off the ground. Keep your eyes trained on your right hand.
  • Shoot your left leg backward, putting weight on your left knee, which you should place directly under your left hip. Your arms should be in a straight line with left hand on the floor and right hand toward the ceiling. You are bent to the left, but your eyes will still be focusing on the right hand.
  • Push off the floor with your left hand, so your torso is upright. Keep looking up at your right hand.
  • Come to standing. Bring left leg forward to meet the right.
  • Reverse the sequence to return to starting position on floor.
  • Do six to eight reps with your right arm up, then switch sides.

Image Source: Susi May
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