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10-Minute Ab Workouts on YouTube

If All You've Got Is 10 Minutes, These Ab Workout Videos Are Perfect

10-Minute Ab Workouts on YouTube
Image Source: Getty / Zinkevych

To each their own, but I really don't need more than 10 minutes tops to feel my abs beg (no, demand) for a stoppage to the core workout I'm doing. More important than timing is exercise variety, meaning that you're diversifying the types of moves you're doing. Try some dynamic moves, ones on your feet or lying down, and others that bring a real challenge such as a reverse plank with a leg lift. It's also important that you hit different parts of your core — you should definitely think outside of the box, because there's a world far beyond crunches waiting for you.

Keep reading for trainer-led ab workout videos that will take you 10 minutes (or less!) to complete right at home. Some require dumbbells; but, of course, you can modify the workouts as needed for your fitness level. Quick and effective workouts always make us feel like we've unlocked a secret to making the most out of our day!

If you're looking for more videos aside from the ones ahead, you can try these these dumbbell-only ab workouts, these sessions that are entirely about planks, or this equipment-free routine from a trainer.

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