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Can You Strength Train at Home?

Yes, You Can Strength Train at Home, and These 9 Workouts Prove It

30-Minute Fit and Sexy Full-Body Workout

So, you want to strength train — good for you! Not only is it essential for building muscle and increasing bone density, but it also helps your body burn more calories and can even boost your mood. But there's one problem: leaving the house can be . . . hard. Well, that's no problem, because all you need are a small space and some equipment of your choosing, like dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, and a kettlebell or two.

These at-home strength-training workouts will get you excited about getting strong. Check out this handy guide on how to find the right weight. And if you want to exercise without the dumbbells, check out our no-equipment bodyweight workouts that you can print and repeat until you're ready for a new challenge.

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