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Group Costume Ideas From TV Shows and Movies

90+ Fabulous Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas For Groups

Group Costume Ideas From TV Shows and Movies
Image Source: Netflix

Don't want to go solo to this year's Halloween festivities? Why not convince your friends to go with one of these iconic group costumes instead? We've got all sorts of options inspired by movies and TV shows, whether your pop-culture-savvy group includes just three or four friends or a dozen folks.

Get animated like the Toy Story gang, or take it back with the "Seinfeld" posse! Embrace your love of YA by dressing up like the Dauntless crew in "Allegiant," or get your superhero on with ideas from "Guardians of the Galaxy," "Avengers: Infinity War," or "The Fantastic Four." The expansive "Game of Thrones" cast make for a great option for a group look — or you could also try out the "House of the Dragon" cast for a more current option — while classic group costumes like the Scooby-Doo gang or Luke, Leia, and Han Solo From Star Wars are a great way to play up the nostalgia factor.

A great group costume doesn't require a lot of effort — just some creativity and coordination on your and your friends' part. Check out all of our suggestions, and if you're only enlisting one friend for a group costume, take a look at our ideas for best friends or couples.

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