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Black Women Who Inspired Us in 2020

15 Black Women Who, Quite Frankly, Did the Damn Thing in 2020

Black Women Who Inspired Us in 2020

This year was a turbulent eon for practically everyone, but especially Black women. Between the devastating killing of Breonna Taylor and the alarming acts of violence against Black trans women, it felt as though Black women were constantly feeling the effects of a vile society that devalues us on a daily basis.

And, still, we rose. Carrying both pain and strength, Black women continued to break barriers, fight for what's right, and make the world a better place. How? By channeling the resolute energy of one another. Why? Because somebody has to do it, and Black women know that if we want to see promising change in our community, we have to lead the charge. So, while we had to endure so many valleys in 2020, we also got to celebrate some heartening peaks, thanks to notable Black women who kept us hopeful. Keep reading to see some of the melanated movers and shakers who made waves this year.

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