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Who Are Taylor Swift's Songs About?

From John Mayer to Joe Alwyn, Here's Who Fans Think Taylor Swift's "Midnights" Songs Are About

Who Are Taylor Swift's Songs About?
Image Source: Getty / Amy Sussman

Taylor Swift's new album, "Midnights," is here, and Swifties are already picking apart the songwriter's lyrics for clues and signs that hint at who each track is about.

Swift has been very, very busy since moving to her new record label, Republic, in 2019. First, she released her studio album "Lover," then she dropped her sister albums, "Folklore" and "Evermore," in 2020. And now that the singer officially owns everything she releases under Republic Records, she decided to rerecord her first six albums, which she never owned the masters to; her old label, Big Machine Records, and record executive, Scooter Braun, held on to them against her wishes and eventually sold them.

So far, Swift has rerecorded two of those albums, "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" and "Red (Taylor's Version)," and they even include never-before-heard tracks from Swift's vault. Swift also directed a short film to go along with the longer version of "All Too Well."

All this music might be hard to keep up with, so we're here to update you on who all of Swift's recent releases could be about. Right away, fans started speculating about who inspired the new songs on "Midnights" based on the context clues in the album's track list. And no, not all of them are about exes like Harry Styles or her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn! Here's who some of Swift's songs could be about.

Additional reporting by Shannon Vestal Robson and Noelle Devoe

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